Sunday, November 25, 2012


Thanksgiving week with the Baranys is always one of my highlights of the year. Full of food, friends, and festivities--it's always a week where I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all I have.
The day in pictures:
1/ Trying to choose from my coziest knits, sofest 'shmeres, and favorite patterns for my feast meal
2/3/4 Joe and Alison's new dog-Willa- a Great Dane/Blue Catahoula Leopard puppy. She is as adorable as she is gangly.
5/Nothing more American than Bruce and apple pie cooling on the counter
6/It's a whole new world for 1-bedroom accustomed baby kitties...
7/Carol still has roses in her garden...and fresh bouquets in the bathroom
8/9 A beautiful spread at the Boyd's this year
10/11 Feasting with the one's we love
12/13 Missing Robbie so much.  I took some pictures of Will playing football with friends, framed by the two trees planted in Robbie's honor to mark the Sunfair race finish line. It becomes really easy to start feeling overwhelmed by the sadness of it all, but throughout this holiday I have mostly been able to focus on all the things that I am incredibly grateful for.
Mainly-- I'm so thankful to get to be a part of the Barany family--who have truly been my home away from home the past four years.  They have welcomed me so warmly from day one, and I am so happy that I get to be officially inducted into such a lovely, kind, funny and giving family.  As Carol often says about others, and I will now turn around and say about them, they are the salt of the earth. The goodness I have seen them give to others is staggering, and it is so hard to see them go through such undeserved pain.   
 I'm so incredibly lucky to have found Will, and that I get to marry him.  He is, without question, the best thing that has ever happened to me. He does so many kind things for me, without expecting a word of thanks.  No one brings a smile to my face quicker than he, and everyday as he tells me to wait in the car while he fills up the gas tank, or brings me my lunch at school when I forget it (which is almost always), I recognize that I really hit the jackpot. 
 This past year has shown me how short and unpredictable life can be.  Above all, it has taught me to be grateful for everyday that I get to be with the ones that I love. <3 p="p">

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


When Will and I first got engaged, we discussed what aspects of our wedding were most important to us, and luckily we easily agreed that an excellent wedding photographer was a top priority. However, when I actually started hunting for a photographer,  I was shocked to see how do I say this delicately?...cheese there was out there. I started panicking as I contacted the few photographers I found I liked, only to discover that they were all booked for my date (and I thought I was being on the ball!!). To cut a long story short---when I finally stumbled upon Ryan Flynn, I knew that we didn't need to look further.  We didn't meet up with the suggested two to three potential photographers as suggested, or even ask the appropriate questions (though I found out later that Ryan would have had the right answers if we had bothered).  We looked at Ryan's photos and loved them, and then met with Ryan and loved him, and both Will and I knew it was a done deal. Now after a month of painful patience, our engagement photos have finally arrived.  As expected, Ryan did not disappoint. I'm not going to lie, I struggled with outfit choices for these photos, and in the end I don't think I really made the best choice for my casual outfit (I love outfits! Why was this so hard for me?).  However, I do think the colors all worked well for beautiful Bellingham in the fall. Most importantly, it was a romantic (albeit slightly awkward) day with Will, and I know we will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives.  If you ever come to my house in the next 30 year, I'm definitely going to force you to look at all of them, you've been warned!
I currently have 70 pictures in my favorite folder...but until I find the energy to download them all for facebook is a sneak peak of a few favorites. Obviously, all thanks to Ryan Flynn Photography !

 Our spot

P.S. Also thank you to my momma for being the financial backer of these (as well as future wedding photos).  Love you Mom, thanks for supporting my romantic dreams! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I tried to write words for this post several times--but my brain functioning is really at an all time low. Just enjoy the beautiful leaves, golden sunshine, and Will's photography skills (Isn't he getting good?)

Friday, October 19, 2012

5 Things

It's hard to blog during school. Really, it's hard to do anything BUT school during school--except maybe work.  I've even stopped playing Words With Friends with my mom (Sorry Mom! I love you!).  The thing about blogging during school is I don't have much to blog about.  Everyday is the same, adventures and outings are kept at an unfortunate minimum. However, now that I've figured out my routine and kicked myself back into high-school gear, I'm enjoying the busy, thrumming, sometimes exhausting pace of my days.   Five things I've loved this week are

1. Seattle being just gaww-geous.  It's so gloomy and rainy, but also green, lush, and full of vibrant colors.  It doesn't matter where I am--Driving on the freeway, taking a walk in my neighborhood, going for a run around Greenlake, I am constantly gasping about how lovely everything is.
2. On a related-note--- the return of rain.  Oh my gosh, what cozy wonderfulness.  Plus--it's fabulous boots time!
3. Getting to be with kids all the time.  I feel like I'm living in a real-life "Kids Say the Darndest' Things" episode. Little kids are so hilarious--sometimes inappropriately or inadvertently so, and even though I know I should be the exemplary adult, I usually cannot hold back my laughter.
4. I mostly stay away from regular book reading during the middle of a quarter--it's just too hard to juggle and prioritize.  However, when the book "Wild--From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail" by Cheryl Strayed came up on my queue, I knew I had to make time to read it. Read it isn't even the right term--I've devoured it. You know a book is good when you think about how badly you want to get home to it all day (You've been replaced Will!). 
5. Cozy meals, morning runs, butternut squash, apple and nut salads, that moment of bliss when I finally get to climb into bed, my long walk to and from school with just myself and my "Artist of the Day,"  how much I love many people in my cohort at school, my snuggly kitties, and of course, that first hug from Will after a long day.  I literally have started to run to him and jump into his arms--kind of as a joke, but also because hey, I miss him.  Did I mention that I'm excited to marry that guy? Cause I am VERY EXCITED TO MARRY THAT GUY!!

So obviously number five was a long list of things--but the point is--Fall is so lovely.  I've actually got some plans this weekend so if I stay on top of my game, I might post about them soon! Autumn must be celebrated to the fullest! And now I'm off to read...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Some captured moments to be thankful for in a very stressful week.  Will not only saved me from starvation and insanity this week (Ex: Last night, I had to make dinner for I ate a chocolate bar...), but he also took the large majority of these pictures. Of all the things to be grateful for...he is definitely the number one on the list. 
Look at what an awesome wifey I'm going to be!
Will's dad (Dr. John) is still represented in the Health Sciences Building
How can you not love this face?
Or this one?
Late night candy run
                                                                   Misty mornings

Accidental twinning
 From the garden to the pot: Will makes sauce

 Cohort barbecue

 Evening walks


 Homemade pizza
 (Oven roasted tomaters, peppers, and mushrooms--followed by cheese---simply delicious)
 My favorite snack right now---I call them "carrot fries"

Other highlights that didn't get photographed: Long runs in fall weather with Kathryn, a lovely letter and cd combo from Karen, finding our perfect wedding photographer (!), the return of Christmas-smelling Yankee candles, and a few extra cozy minutes in the morning wrapped in my blanket now that  it's finally not 90 degrees in my apartment. I told Will the other day, "I love Fall so much my heart just doesn't even know how to handle it."