Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In defense of starting a blog

My immediate feeling upon creating a blog is embarrassment. Because I don't have any great reason to write a blog like my other friends who have actually exciting, worth-reading...ton (The name of my blog. Is it lame? I think its kind of funny. You know. It's my last name! and reading! together!) adventures of studying abroad or getting married, I just feel plain narcissistic in deciding to regularly put out blogging emissions into the internet atmosphere. But before you judge me too harshly, allow me to defend myself for my new hobby...

My biggest reason for having a blog is my awful to-go phone situation. It is pretty much the same as a no-phone situation. I just graduated from college, and then promptly disappeared to lovely, but distant Bellingham. Everyday I feel guilt at already losing contact with my Spokane lovers, Montana soul-mate, and of course my mom and sisters. I can't call, I am awful at texting, and I am already addicted enough to checking my email as it is. I know a blog is hardly the solution. I mean it definitely offers no two-way communication, but at least in one fell swoop I can announce any important news in my life. Which there never really is, but I am really good at making things sounds good. How great of a friend am I? " don't really care what's up with you, but thought you were probably dyinnnggg to know what is going on with me and my exciting, job-less, loser life, so I made a blog for you to follow." See narcissism may just be an un-escapable by-product of blogging.

My second, and even more selfish reason for starting a blog is my love to write and my new lack of outlets to do so. Without school constantly burning my brain from the inside out, I find myself already feeling quite worthless. A new job will probably clean this problem right up, but nonetheless, I am ready to chronicle the page-turning moments in my life- without the hassle of diary writings cramps, etc. Plus with the pressure of others being able to read my thoughts, I will avoid the awful experience of re-reading my most intimate past ideas that almost always turn out to be incredibly inane and embarrassing. Reading my journal from the 8th grade just leaves me questioning if anyone could have actually sincerely liked me at that point in my life. Probably true answer: no. So I just feel I would benefit from having some sort of audience (even imaginary) to semi-edit what I put into writing that will then be left to make me cringe for years to come.

So there you have it. Two not so very convincing reasons of my new outlet. I know my life is hardly exciting, but I also feel that graduating from college automatically means starting a new chapter in my book of life, and I think my future, older, richer self may appreciate my now current self taking the time to write down what I currently feel is quite trivial. Now it is time to start telling my tales of travel since I dropped off the face of the earth upon graduation. But for the intent of creating a cliff hanger, I will leave that task for another day. Also it's 7:30 and I not eaten dinner, which I usually NEED to have by 5:30 because I still operate off the same time divisions as 5 year olds and old people.
How are you supposed to sign off on a blog? Till next time? Thanks for stopping by? All of the above? I will sleep on this.


Will said...

(c) michael pollan

Julie Liljenquist said...

How fun! I love that you started a blog! I can't wait to see what happens next.

Emily said...

hey cass, this is your cousin, just saw this on facebook. I love that you have this because now maybe i can know what you're up to in life. so much easier to read for me and my kid chasing life, lol.