Friday, January 22, 2010


Yesterday I must have just been really into looking into new hobbies because besides starting a blog, I also looked into taking photography classes at Whatcom CC and decided they were far too expensive and unnecessary and so instead I just did some expert googling and found a great photography tips sight. After spending hours reading ideas about how to make me pictures better and what ISO actually is/does and blah blah blah I decided that to make my blog a little more interesting, I'm going to take a picture every single day for a year and write a little something about its part in my life. Sometimes I will try to have a neato photo (aka an attempt at artistic), and other times I'm just going to take a picture of something important in my life. Today it's my "new" Honda Accord station wagon "Speck." Speck was named after his adorable acne problem (or paint-flecking problem if you choose to view Speck not as a person, which I guess is your prerogative) and after Pee-Wee Herman's dog (That was for my mom, she loves Pee-Wee). Speck was given to me by my mom and stepdad as a Christmas/graduation present, and I must say Speck and I couldn't be happier with our betrothal. We have already spent 20+ serious road hours together and every day I just fall more and more in love. Speck has everything I could ever want or need, from an i-pod friendly tape deck, to the largest cargo space ever, which was absolutely perfect for moving all my stuff across the state and transporting furniture from Value Village into my room. Speck is only two years younger than I am and I can't wait to spend many more great gas mileage years together.

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