Sunday, March 14, 2010

G-O-N-Z-A-G-A, I miss Gonzaga!

Bahhh. It's been about three months since my last student moments at Gonzaga and the nostalgia for my alma mater never wanes beyond a dull roar.  Last Saturday, for example, I woke up and felt like giving up my right arm to be back in Spokane. Nothing sounded more perfect than waking up in my lovely apartment bedroom, getting ready to spend a day walking around downtown, eating at the food court, casually doing some hw, and going to bed in my cozy abode.  So because I heavily enjoy reminiscing, and also making lists- I think it's about time for me to list the things I miss the most about Gonzaga life. In no particular order...
-I miss living on campus, especially in Kennedy. I miss having three dryers for my clothes, the ability to visit almost all my closest friends wearing nothing but sweatpants and socks (also a shirt in case you thought I meant I enjoyed wandering the halls topless), and having really beautiful mahogany furniture. I also miss always being able to have the heat on (even though I didn't because it's bad for the Earth, but come on "free" heat for a perpetually cold girl, what could be better?), feeling safe with the door unlocked, even when I was the only one home, and also having a door to my room. That's right, my current room does not have a door-just a pink curtain. My entire apartment can hear every thing I do and every word I say.

-An obvious given...I miss free access to Gonzaga basketball games, and I (surprisingly) miss waiting hours in the cold with Karen, hand warmers and ipods in tow, fighting for our favorite excellent seats (More or less 3rd row, right across from the home bench).  I miss Zombie Nation and the we like to party song and just the general undescribable fun that happens at home games.
Front and center for College Gameday last year. Such a party
One of the many many times spent freezing, waiting in line.

-I miss Spring semester. A LOT. If I could have skipped Fall semester and had Spring semester as my last time at school without seeming like a total lunatic- I totally would have. The first day the sun comes out, every Gonzaga student does too: playing frisbee, doing homework in swimsuits, etc.  And then we just never go back inside. April's Angels, Madonnastock, Spring Bling, big musical guest (Deathcab last year...MGMT this year? confirmation?),and basically EVERYTHING worth attending happens in the spring.  It makes my heart hurt just thinking about missing it all.

Madonnastock sophomore year. It was perfect weather that year for the weekend long outdoor concert
Volunteering at the Human Society with Karen for April's Angels (snow in April lame!)

-I miss my running loop from GU, through Riverside Park, across the beautiful Spokane falls, and back again. Bellingham may have stunning running locations in every direction, but my course in Spokane has been my spot since I first started running to prepare for Bloomsday my freshman year. Can't wait to be back on my trail!
Spokane Falls in winter wonderland mode

Mandi, Kristen, and I after Bloomsday in 08. We all ran it again last year in 09. Can't wait for this year girls!

-I miss you Karen! I miss making jeopardy a priority for the past four years. I miss walking to the library in the bitter cold every night and then, of course, living there. I miss being dreadfully sarcastic, texting each other celebrity sitings (Father Spitzer! Mark Few!), and trekking daily to visit you at work just to try and fit in a 2 second conversation between customers.  I miss all our trends that came and went like Sunday movie day and Wendy's frosties almost every night (thank goodness that ended). I miss grocery shopping and weekly dinners and calling you on my room phone and being roomates and playing speed and dowloading music until 2am (remember how we used to stay up that late? for no reason? Why did we do that?) and um...I could go on forever. I should have written a blog just about all the things I miss with you, but this will have to do for now.
After Christmas lighting our room sophmore year. There is not a better set of roomates existing in this world I would have to argue

-To be nerdy, I must admit that I deeply miss my classes and my teachers.  I miss being challenged everyday and learning from amazingly inspiring professors.  I miss seminars where I probably talked way more than I should have about how much I loved Viktor Frankl or Edith Wharton. I miss feeling more at home in the library then my own apartment and hooking up my ipod to the loud speakers in the computer lab to listen to Christmas music. As much as it pains me to admit it- I miss being busy. I miss rushing from class to work to lab to hw to class to the library and finally to bed everyday-with Sarah Arpin or Karen Dooley toiling along beside me. I used to be busy from the moment I woke up to the time I went to sleep. Now almost everyday I have time to go for a run, read a book, work on my italian, watch 3 episodes of Lost, take a nap, clean my room, make an elaborate dinner, and still get 8 hours of sleep. Oh, and also write an incredibly long blog post. Who am I and what has my life become? I really need to get back to graduate school.
My research buds with Dr. Medina. Tear!

-I miss all my friends and past roomates and past memories from Gonzaga.  I miss listening to my iPod on sunny days walking home from class. I miss all the hours spent watching Friends and Sex and the City with Kristen and Erin. I miss dance parties and trips to Lake Coeur D'Alene (and of course Forever 21).  I miss seeing movies for $5 bucks on Saturday mornings and getting Taco Del Mar. I miss doing hw/tanning by Lake Arthur with Sara Z, and napping while watching Planet Earth on weekend mornings with Ceej. I miss wandering around the Logan neighborhood with 10 other girls in high-heels with no jackets in below zero weather, searching for unbusted house parties, quickly learning the lay of the land (Ermina-too far for walking, moon towers-never as good as you would hope). I miss the Cog and Sunday morning jazz band, and finals week late night breakfast, and the fact that I could usually go an entire week surviving on free food events provided by Gonzaga.
All of these reasons are why, despite living quite the charmed life here in lovely Bellingham with beautiful, fun roomies, a great job, and a cute bf, I still feel a bit Spo-homesick and wistful now and then.  Sometimes I wonder if graduating a semester early was worth it, and then I remember the thousands of dollars I saved and remember that yes, yes it was.  Gonzaga gave me a great time and a wonderful education in my time spent there, and I just hope that as I send off my loan payments once a month for the next ten years or so, I will still remember all the great times I had- and will continue to feel that every penny was worth it. 

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