Friday, September 30, 2011

Sunrise, Sunset

It's pretty awesome witnessing beautiful sunrises every morning from the comfort of my own bed. Obviously the kitties like them too.  It's also great getting woken up by the sun blazing in my eyes, because now I am a student that has to wake up and go to class sometimes!  Crazily enough I don't have class on Fridays (I'm sorry that my life is so easy), and so to start the day out productively, here is a small recap of my first short week of school....

On my first day I took an obligatory first day picture. (Is this a tradition for the whole world? Or just for us Worthington girls? I think the whole world should think about picking it up).

Unfortunately it turned out not so awesome (This is when I wish I could just take the picture myself). The worst part is that you can't really see my cute cantaloupe colored shoes that I got for a screaming $12 from Urban Outfitters. Yes, I am blessed by the shopping gods. Or the worst part my be the 5 lbs. added to my thighs through shadows and backpack straps. Or the worst part may be that yes, that is graffiti on the side of my apartment building.  But you know, there are choices to be made in a girl's life: Graffiti-less apartments, or new shoes.  Obviously the shoes are always going to win that argument.

After a great first day of school, the boo and I took a lovely fall day walk to Gas Works park (did I mention that my graffiti covered apartment is also smack dab in-between Gas Works and Green Lake?  The apartment doesn't seem so terrible now eh?) Of course, when visiting a place with so many beautiful photo opportunities, it is an unwritten law that your camera will die within the first five minutes.  I've been working really hard at taking all my pictures on manual setting so that I can slowly improve my photography skillzzz. Obviously from this overexposed picture of Will where the Space Needle is barely discernible , it's a work in progress. In my defense, if my camera hadn't died I probably would have gotten it right eventually.

Yesterday was my SECOND day of school, and it may have been even better than the first! I spent the whole day hanging out with some girls in my cohort (you know, between the unimportant part of school...classes) and walked home feeling quite satisfied with my day of learning and friendship making. After my night class, William whipped up some to-die-for herby rice, topped with salmon that we caught with his family this summer, and a sauce made with the heirloom tomatoes we picked up from the farmers market. Obviously I made the salad because that is probably my cooking skills at their greatest. Will always accuses my salads of taking over the dinner plate, but lets just remember that vegetables should take up 3/4ths of our meals people! Anyways, in short, this meal was delicious, par usual for William.

Oh, and on my walk home from school yesterday, I crossed the bridge over I-5 just in time to take this.

Why yes, I DID take this on my manual setting, thank you for being so impressed with my elementary command over shutter speed!

P.S. Make sure to tune into my next blog where I practice NOT using conjunctions at the beginning of every sentence! And fail terribly at it!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Life is like...crazy good

First, a list of great things:

Grapes are 99 cents a pound at QFC right now (I watch the price of grapes like a hawk...lowest price all summer!). And not only are the grapes a good deal, my entire grocery cart was entirely full off cheap produce. And with that produce I made this salad, and then proceeded to watch Tangled with just myself, my kitties,and of course, said salad. It was an amazing date. 

I got the coolest, random new library books that are going to teach me things varying from photography skills to delish recipes to make on the cook stove whilst camping. 

I have a new Yankee Candle named Autumn. It smells like...AUTUMN!..I predict it will be burnt to the nub in one week. 

Speaking of Autumn....It's raining! Fall!! It's here! Pea coat and boots time! Wooooooo!

I picked up this $5 bouquet at the farmers market. They make me smile every time I look at them. (Also I have to work hard at keeping the cats from eating them...they love to nibble on all my plants, WEIRDOS!)

My job is awesome right now. It's fun and easy, and it definitely does not leave me exhausted, cranky, and close to tears like my previous job did. Also, it enables me to watch "The Price is Right" every single morning.  So probably everyone is a little bit jealous about that...

Also, William! This guy makes me supremely happy, every single day! Which is quite a feat with my usual strong insistance to be cranky! Seriously, we had an amazing summer together-- camping, surfing, hiking, fishing, swimming, watching shows, playing tennis, making food together (read: me sitting on the couch facebooking while he made me really delicious meals), listening to a lot of "This American Life" in the car on road trips, and in general just having the best summer ever. We went to about every beautiful place in the state of Washington- Mt. Rainier, Olympic National Park, Lake Coeur D'Alene, and the San Juan Islands, just to name a few, and they made wonderful, cheap, but awesome adventures. It may be the best thing ever to have such a perfect (and handsome) partner in crime. If your crime is having too much fun. Ho ho. 

And finally...I'm starting my masters program at UW on Wednesday! For today, it being Monday, I am very excited about this upcoming change in my life. And excessively nervous. I realized the other day that it has been almost 2 years since I graduated from Gonzaga. Whaa?? I know right, how can that even be possible. However, it is true. Hopefully my brain will remember how to string words together. This blogging experiment is not encouraging. Today I walked to UW in the pouring rain to get some stuff ready for my first day. First up, my new student ID card.  My picture turned out awesome- very drowned-rat like, so chic.  Then I decided to walk to the gym to sign up for a yoga class and get my locker set up.  However, having never been to the gym at UW I, of course, got very lost. Like an hour of wandering around in the rain lost. Finally I sloshed my way into some random dorm hall to ask for directions and found out that I had definitely wandered as far away from the gym as possible.  I could see it in the guys eyes giving me directions..."Oh poor little freshman, doesn't know about proper rain gear or using maps in unfamiliar places." Yes, that is me. Minus the 18 and new at life thing.  But eventually I found my way around and I definitely DO feel like a tiny freshman coming from a small, private school whose gym would fit inside the locker room of my now current gym. Seriously, I am so excited about this new chapter in my life (and my new gym). I love school. I LOVE SCHOOL. I need to get NERD tattooed on my forehead.  
I got this baby at Value Village the other can't tell but the band in the middle has little sweet pictures of fishing poles, canoes, snowshoes, forest critters, etc. Unfortunately I wore it as my rainy day, explore UW jacket and found out the hard's not waterproof folks!

Now, just to show that my life is not absolutely perfect, here is what is going wrong in my life:

I painted my nails black. Which would be a "It's fall time!" pro except they chipped ON THE FIRST DAY! Come on nails you know I need you to do better than that!

Finally I miss Nicole! A lot :(

So yes, life is rough for me! But as you can see, I also have a humungous amount of wonderful things going for me right now.  Also, I might start blogging again. Don't know if I'm ready to make such a solid commitment, but we'll just take it slow right now, see where it takes us.