Friday, September 30, 2011

Sunrise, Sunset

It's pretty awesome witnessing beautiful sunrises every morning from the comfort of my own bed. Obviously the kitties like them too.  It's also great getting woken up by the sun blazing in my eyes, because now I am a student that has to wake up and go to class sometimes!  Crazily enough I don't have class on Fridays (I'm sorry that my life is so easy), and so to start the day out productively, here is a small recap of my first short week of school....

On my first day I took an obligatory first day picture. (Is this a tradition for the whole world? Or just for us Worthington girls? I think the whole world should think about picking it up).

Unfortunately it turned out not so awesome (This is when I wish I could just take the picture myself). The worst part is that you can't really see my cute cantaloupe colored shoes that I got for a screaming $12 from Urban Outfitters. Yes, I am blessed by the shopping gods. Or the worst part my be the 5 lbs. added to my thighs through shadows and backpack straps. Or the worst part may be that yes, that is graffiti on the side of my apartment building.  But you know, there are choices to be made in a girl's life: Graffiti-less apartments, or new shoes.  Obviously the shoes are always going to win that argument.

After a great first day of school, the boo and I took a lovely fall day walk to Gas Works park (did I mention that my graffiti covered apartment is also smack dab in-between Gas Works and Green Lake?  The apartment doesn't seem so terrible now eh?) Of course, when visiting a place with so many beautiful photo opportunities, it is an unwritten law that your camera will die within the first five minutes.  I've been working really hard at taking all my pictures on manual setting so that I can slowly improve my photography skillzzz. Obviously from this overexposed picture of Will where the Space Needle is barely discernible , it's a work in progress. In my defense, if my camera hadn't died I probably would have gotten it right eventually.

Yesterday was my SECOND day of school, and it may have been even better than the first! I spent the whole day hanging out with some girls in my cohort (you know, between the unimportant part of school...classes) and walked home feeling quite satisfied with my day of learning and friendship making. After my night class, William whipped up some to-die-for herby rice, topped with salmon that we caught with his family this summer, and a sauce made with the heirloom tomatoes we picked up from the farmers market. Obviously I made the salad because that is probably my cooking skills at their greatest. Will always accuses my salads of taking over the dinner plate, but lets just remember that vegetables should take up 3/4ths of our meals people! Anyways, in short, this meal was delicious, par usual for William.

Oh, and on my walk home from school yesterday, I crossed the bridge over I-5 just in time to take this.

Why yes, I DID take this on my manual setting, thank you for being so impressed with my elementary command over shutter speed!

P.S. Make sure to tune into my next blog where I practice NOT using conjunctions at the beginning of every sentence! And fail terribly at it!

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