Friday, October 21, 2011


 Alright, gonna start this blog off by saying, if you don't know what the title of this blog is referring to, then you're missing OUT. You are obviously not watching Parks and Rec. which is hands down the funniest show on tv right now. And I'm a comedy girl, I watch a lot of funny shows (The Office, 30 Rock, and How I Met Your Mother being the other mains).  This show is so funny that Will and I not only watched all four seasons on Netflix, but we then started over and watched them all again (What? We live productive lives I promise). Seriously, sometimes a scene will happen where I am laughing so hard that I'm like "Wait, gasp, wait, pause, gasp, I can't pay attention because, gasp, CAN'T STOP LAUGHING" Okay, have I hyped it up enough for you? That being said, the first couple times I watched the show, I thought it was really dumb. So give it a few episode chance okay? 
Now back to the theme: Awesome sauce.  This is not a blog post about an awesome sauce, though I could probably do that sometime too. This is just about things that are absolutely awesome-sauce, Andy Dwyer style!

-I came up with the best thing to do when people don't log out of their Facebook instead of just changing their status to something lame. Instead, listen to really embarrassing songs on their Spotify account. Muahaha.

-Went to Ikea yesterday (cuz' remember in my really hard life I have 3 day weekends?) and finally bought frames for some "art" that I bought online. I know, I'm such a grown-up! And seriously, they make my apartment look so schmancy pants. I mean, I haven't actually hung them up yet cuz that's a lot of work for one day, but the fanciness is coming.

-Thanks to the mantra "Treat Yo' Self!" from Parks and Rec last week, I went and bought some amazing Dove body wash at Target versus the off-brand not as wonderful smelling kind. Cuz' honestly, it takes me like a a year to go through that stuff, so I'm going to spring the extra $1.50.

 -I'm starting to do work in actual schools! In fact, I have three elementary schools I will be visiting this year almost weekly, for reasons varying from job shadowing, research, and field experience. It's fun getting to dress up like a professional grownup (See below) Also, can we talk about how cute elementary schools are? This one class I visited was decorated legitimately like Hogwarts. I wanted to die. Also, all little kids! The way they smile at you and like you just because you are old and therefore cool...great stuff. Can't wait for this to be my full time job (even if there is more to it than just smiling at cute kindergartners).

-Speaking of jobs....who knows that a school psychologist is? Um, well obviously I do, but gotta say that most people I talk to give me this blank stare when I tell them about my career aspirations. So if you have any interest about learning about a great future career, or just knowing about a person in the school system that may have a strong impact on your children (if you have any) then go here...School psychology...waaa?

-I made pumpkin bars this week! When I was little, my mom made pumpkin bars every year for our contribution to various Halloween parties.  I've done the same for the past 4 years and let me just say, don't make these unless you have people to share them with because, you know they probably should just be called fat bars that taste delicious. 

-Will and I had our three year anniversary this week. We went to this gorgeous, authentic Italian restaurant, Marcellos, with a groupon. Since we both get out of class late on Thursdays we didn't get there til 9, so we had the place and the staff to ourselves. I wish I had taken pictures of how lovely it was. Mostly, I was just so happy that I was out with my amazing boyfriend who still makes me laugh every day  hour. William and I are both struggling students, so we rarely go out on your typical dates of dinner and movies. Luckily I consider going to the grocery store together just about as fun (I think we both get a high off of great bargain finding. Seriously, there is a lot of enthusiastic high fives and "woohoo!"ing going on). William is truly the cream of the crop in human beings.  He is ridiculously smart, incredibly kind and compassionate, crazily talented at lots of things, super funny and silly, obviously handsome, and also, perfect. He is really lucky to have me. And, I love him. When I came home from school he had left me these flowers and this card (oh yeah, he also makes me homemade cards for all occasions).  He will probably murder me for saying this out loud, but he basically wrote a very poetic statement about seasons changing and leaves falling, but our love enduring. Awww. 

In short, this week was...Awesome sauce

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