Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Best Friend :)

Today in class, instead of paying attention, I started writing a list about all the things I love and appreciate about Nicole Capalungan. Cuz' it's her birthday folks!  Here are just a few:
1. She's an amazing cook. I would commit heinous crimes for her a)lasagna rolls b)chicken marsala and c) fried rice.  Mmmm, fried rice. 
2. Nicole and I can easily talk each other into things.  I have many ugly items sitting in my closet thanks to her supporting me in buying them (remember those motorcycle boots I loved this summer? I have never worn them, and also, I hate them).  I, conversely, can easily talk her into getting McDonalds at 1am, watching crappy movies that I really want to watch, and (sometimes!) going running with me (I would like to know if ANYONE else has been successful in that feat...cuz I doubt it).
3. I love that Nicole will get McDonalds with me at 1 in the morning, or ice cream just because we deserve it, or sushi because it's been a hard day.  I think I may be hungry right now. 
4. Nicole is the funnest person I know (see reason 3). I know that every one of her friends will agree that when Nicole is around you are guaranteed to laugh A LOT. Like pee your pants, tears come out, stomach hurts laugh. And it's not even like she's this big joke teller (haha though she is wonderfulllly sarcastic.) She just knows how to make everything fun.
5. She laughs at my jokes, and I'm not that funny.
6. She introduced me to William, and has always been our number 1 champion. It's also nice having your best friend and boyfriend be such good friends because then you can live the Lizzie McGuire dream (sorry Nicole, I'm going to make you be Miranda). 
7. As a girl whose moved around a lot, having a close friend for 9 years (can you believe it's been 9 years???) is a big deal. It's fun recalling the day we met, the conversations we used to have walking home from school as our little 13 year-old selves, the sleepovers, and dances (and also practiced dance moves at sleepovers).  As I was trying to pick out pictures for my little picture timeline you're about to see, I realized that Nicole and I haven't done many momentous things together.  Yet some of the best memories of my life involve driving around for hours in her car, visiting her in Bellingham, watching movies in her bed, moving to Seattle together, sitting on our front porch late into the night talking.  Like I said before, it takes very little to have a good time with Nicole. 
8. We live together EXTREMELY well. Last summer we shared a tiny bedroom in a godforsaken house with no water for two months-- both going through personal emotional crises-- and we also simultaneously had a blast (we went to a lot of movies--ask us about the end of Eclipse! Great story). I honestly don't think there is another person in this world I could have done that with and not murdered them while they were sleeping next to me in our tiny bed in our tiny room. 
9. Nicole has been there for me through some of the absolute worst moments of my life. It's crazy because sometimes the hardest moments in our life have been similar, and have been happening at the exact same time. At those moments, it's been great to have my friend that I can drive around for hours with that makes me laugh til' I cry. 
10. She's pretty and I get to borrow her clothes!

And now....a short photo timeline. 


Nicole and friends visit Cassy at college (mainly just for Taco Johns)

Cassy and friends visit Nicole at college 
This was like the ONLY picture I could find of all 3 of us? I think because usually, one of us is taking the picture (and by one of us I mean Nicole or Will, cuz I need to be in all pictures)

College is over!(kind of)

Bellingham roomies!

Seattle roomies!

Nicole's birthday last year!

Our most recent picture together- Boating on the 4th of July

Happy birthday lady! Love you boo!

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