Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I did a bad thing...

Well actually I did two bad things.  First of all, today was supposed to be major homework day.  It is now 7:30 and I bet you can guess how much homework has taken place so far (In case you are really bad at reading comprehension I will spell it out, N-O-N-E).  The thing is, I haven't been able to do homework because I've been so shopping
And I may have just bought these beautiful ladies (?)

I know, I know. These boots will make me the talk of the town, the belle of the ball, the girl in really cool boots.  And yeaaaaahhh, soooo, they may, definitely be something I probably can't afford...but I have been talking myself into these for a long time...years in fact.  See, before you judge my irresponsible fiscal management, just know these VERY important facts.

1. I work hard for the $
2. Said $ goes almost all the way to school related items. 
3. Speaking of school, I have to walk to and from there everyday. That's about 4 miles of walking everyday. At least!
4. I live in Seattle, it's very rainy here. Many shoes do not survive.
5. If you're going to buy boots, you should buy nice boots (in a classic style) that will last for years (see point #4). Thus giving an excuse for a little higher quality boot...
6. They go with pants! They go with skirts! (This is a Friends reference for all you die-hards out there...but really, it's true)
7. Free shipping! And 10% off!
8. They're  soooo pretttttty

Okay, now that I've requested validation from the whole blogosphere, I really am going to go do some hw (read: watch Modern Family....and maybe that New Girl show? Is that good? Maybe even watch the episode of Friends about Monica's boots! Woo I just planned out an exciting night for myself, yes! Laterz HW!)

Well obviously I have a busy night ahead so um...
Ciao! (still figuring out how to probably sign off on these things)

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Sydney said...

I will officially validate your decision to buy said boots. Can I add one more thing to your list? You are helping a dying economy! Yay YOU! Also, please post pictures of you wearing the boots to do them complete justice.