Saturday, October 29, 2011


On Wednesday, when I got out of class at 11, instead of spending all day in the library, Will and I took a field trip to the zoo. I've been trying to get Will to go to the zoo FOREVER, and he has been very resistant. I mean, I get it, we both are pretty big animal lovers who have had awesome first-hand experiences with animals in the wild. So when he says zoos are depressing, I definitely agree with him. It sucks that the giraffes at Woodland Park Zoo live in an enclosure the size of my two room apartment that I feel is too small for the sanity of my baby cats. Last time I saw a giraffe, it was hanging here:

But, I will tell you this, I would venture to say that I have been to the zoo ("the zoo" being any zoo, but mostly the Hogel Zoo in Salt Lake City, and then the zoo here in Seattle) over a 100 times. Yes, drop your jaw.  Throughout most of my childhood, my family would buy a season pass to the zoo, and then go there, ALL THE TIME, like sometimes every week. We even bought a season pass to the Seattle zoo when we lived in Yakima.  And I truly believe that a large amount of my passion and interest for animals blossomed through these early experiences. Do I wish the world was a perfect place, with no zoos, no extinct or endangered animals, and no habitat destruction taking place? Yeah obviously. However, I think that zoos are becoming top advocates for protecting the environment, and are able to teach the necessity of such mindfulness to youngsters much better than any other source.  Also, visiting the zoo was a BLAST. Yeah, we got a little sad at times (I felt particularly emotional watching the elephants), but I'll stop my preaching (do your part to take care of the world so that future generations can enjoy it!) and let the true greatness of that afternoon shine through!

 I loved all the "uncaged" bird rooms, particularly the rain forest exhibit.  It felt surreal sitting on a bench talking about dinner, while birds of paradise flew around us. 

The penguin exhibit is also a highlight because you can watch them "flying" underwater. It's beautiful! 

I always make Will take pictures with fish. I know deep down he appreciates it.

I think this picture is kind of hilarious. I like to pretend there is kind of a patronus relationship going on. Seriously though, there were four white lady wolves and they were stunning. We spent a solid half hour watching them sprinting around and playing together (their enclosure, thankfully, is very huge) And they looked much more at home in the North West Fall foliage than the lions.  


Of course, the best part was spending the day with William, instead of stacks of papers.  It was a new dating activity for us, and a probably one of the last un-rainy days we'll have this year. Though man, was it freezing (the grandpa sweater almost didn't cut it). 

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