Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Backyardigans

 I always tell Will, if you want me to participate in activities I don't want to, you just have to compliment my skills at said activity very profusely.  I can become very easily convinced that I am a prodigy at pretty much anything with the right level of encouragement. As many souls have lamented, there isn't much to do in Yakima.  So everyday this Thanksgiving break I got pushed into "throwing around the ol' pigskin" (and yes, William really does say this phrase, verbatim). Luckily, with such sincere compliments as "Wow, what a cannon for an arm" (I can barely throw the length of the yard), and happy nods whenever I caught that slippery pigskin, I kind of enjoyed my time "playing football." 
Football skill I excel most at: Touchdown dances
 Getting creative
 Mad skills

What form
 Football players need nourishment.  Turkey leg break.

 After we tired of throwing footballs, we started to throw rotten pumpkins.
 And then rotten watermelons...

 And finally...

Gobble Gobble

I was lucky to get to spend my 3rd Thanksgiving with the Barany family and their friends this year.  I am extremely fortunate that I have a home away from home that I can rely on for such beautiful holidays when I can't afford to make the trek all the way to my Mom's house. Plus, when I say beautiful holiday, I mean a B-E-A-utiful holiday. I like to refer to Carol Barany as the Martha Stewart of the Northwest.  Her amazing decorating, gardening, cooking, crafting, and flower arranging skills always culminate together to create a spectacular event. For two days this week I completely forgot about homework, work, and obviously eating healthy, to fully enjoy this gluttonous event. I also took a bajillion pictures with all my free time! Enjoy!
 Thanksgiving day: Intentional starvation + football = very lazy, unproductive, and awesome Thursday
Besides having Mathaaaa as a mother, did I mention that William's dad, Dr. John S. Barany, is also an amazing wood turning artist? Because yes, he is.

 After much cajoling, William convinced me to "throw around the pigskin" while we walked to his Aunt Audrey's house. Obviously, I'm like, super good at kicking.

To give myself some credit, I would like everyone to know that I didn't just sit idley by as these amazing women cooked two turkeys, 15lbs. (!) of mashed potatoes, 6 pies (from scratch of course, Maaattha wouldn't do it any other way), and various other side dishes all day.  I helped Audrey tie  ALL the roll knots! She also only had to fix about 80% of my knots.
Also, because I have become so talented at lighting candles at my restaurant job, Carol recognized my elite skills and asked me to light all the candles around the house for the evening affair.  As William noted, with 20 people attending dinner, there was a ratio of 8:1 for candles to people. I know I know, I'm amazing, I just don't want to go into professional candle lighting just yet so that I can still compete in the Olympics.
The dessert table...pre-desserts.

 Candid moments
Myself and Will-yum
 Will and his sister Allison, really love that they didn't even coordinate the random poses...
The new art studio, re-purposed as the feast room for the day

 The barbecued turkey! This is an acceptable detour from tradition for Maaatha when there is also a conventional oven turkey to partake of.
 Time to eat!
 The Northwest Martha in the flesh!

Carol's stunning house plants!

Martha's (Carol's? I'm getting confused on which wonder woman is who) beautiful living room!
One of Carol's winter arrangments

The "kids" table. Allison and I represented the female gender, while the boys represented Northwest plaid popularity with no pre-planned coordinating.

Thankful for a delicious feast, great company, and a warm bed for my food-induced coma afterwards! Gobble gobble!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Love is all ya need

I had to give a presentation today, that I was overly super worried about. After I got done, I was talking to Will and told him I noticed he changed his profile picture this morning to an old picture of us. He replied, "I know, I did that because I knew you would probably see it before your presentation  and know I was thinking of you."
I told you- he's wonderful
La Push beach

p.s. I've been taking my daily pictures-- this week has just been a little crazy. I'm much too lazy to mess with them right now. On the plus side, after abandoning my life for the past four days, I made amends by spending the whole night cleaning my apartment to perfection (bathroom, kitchen, laundry, vacuuming, DONE--you can all give me a gold star the next time you see me).  Simultaneously, I also watched/listened to An Affair to Remember, which really is the loveliest. I used to say I didn't like chick-flicks, but now I realize I just don't like the BAD ones.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Today has been a little rough for me. I know that this week is going to be very rough for me. School is starting to pressurize, my wonderful anxiety problems are thriving. I'm not even going to bother posting pictures right now.  But I would just like to say....

GOOOOO ZAGS!!!! Ohhh Kennel Club, Spokane, all my friends, and anything to do with Gonzaga, how I miss you so.  So glad basketball season is underway. Nothing brings back the comraderie then almost all Gonzaga facebook friends shouting out their Zag love in the past hour. Watching the Zags play the Cougs is obviously not very helpful to my academic goals, but I don't care!
Also I think I may need this puppy in order to solidify my true Bulldog fan status: 

Wahh, died of cuteness overload.

...P.S. I got tired of not having cable to watch my favorite movies of the holiday season so I ordered them on Amazon today.  Nothing helps me relax on the weekend like a few hours of downtime with my favorite flicks. I have literally been asking my mom for Pride and Prejudice since it came out about 5 years ago, and finally I realized I just needed to buy it myself.  Because besides being a big girl that can buy her own $5 DVDs, I also just know that I crave watching this movie like almost every day...and that's when I really know it's worth owning (versus redboxing, netflixing, or um...illegally downloading... which I never do). Also looking forward to the delivery of Home Alone and Love Actually. Let the holiday movie watching begin!

 Does this scene not literally take your breath away?

So lucky to have my own "Mr. Darcy" that made me a delicious dinner tonight and talked me down from my (largely) self-induced scholastic stress. 

Now I just need him to start using "ardently" as a regular vocabulary word and we're set!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Handsy (Day 12)

Day 12
Subject: Hands

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am an eating machine. So when I think of the hands that I am grateful for, it's obviously the hands that FEED ME! So today worked out perfectly for a trip to the UDistrict farmer's market.  

Before we go there, however, check out this ridiculously amazing salmon that William made last night. I wanted to kill myself afterwards because it tasted so good I didn't see the point of ever trying to eat something as good again. Not an exaggeration.

So yes, the farmer's market. Boy, I do love a farmer's market, and Seattle is just teeming with them.  My farmer's market attendance does drop a lot in the Autumn though because it's rainy, and they sell a lot of things that I don't really know how to cook with.
 Like beets (and decorative pumpkins)! Can someone give me a good beet recipe puh-lease?
 Today I kept it simple and just got some oh-so-delicious-but-not-red-delicious Fugi apples, and some Asian pears for my salads (YUM). I love that farmer's markets remind me that local people are working hard out there everyday bringing me the food that I'm loving to eat! It's pretty easy to find delicious, local produce in Washington, and for that I know we're lucky.  Thanks Washington farmers!

 Guess what I found out today?
 I look absolutely crazy when I eat.
 But at least I keep my mouth closed when I chew.
Oh yeah, it also probably is no surprise that I'm grateful for William's hands, because they hold mine and keep them so toasty! Here's a weird thing: have you ever noticed how sometimes your hand just doesn't mesh very well with certain peoples? Like holding their hand just kind of hurts your fingers or it's just too sweaty? I have this VERY SCIENTIFIC theory that uncomfortable hand-holding is a tell of a mismatched couple. It sure has proven true for me! Luckily, holding William's hand is the best! Fits like a glove, har har!

 Oh yeah, and him and this random dude helped this lady push her broken car from the middle of the busy street to the parking lot. So I bet she was grateful for their hands today as well!

After the FM, Will sauteed some veggies and brats for a delicious rainy day lunch before I had to head into work. I know, I'm not sure how I don't starve when he's not around.