Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Backyardigans

 I always tell Will, if you want me to participate in activities I don't want to, you just have to compliment my skills at said activity very profusely.  I can become very easily convinced that I am a prodigy at pretty much anything with the right level of encouragement. As many souls have lamented, there isn't much to do in Yakima.  So everyday this Thanksgiving break I got pushed into "throwing around the ol' pigskin" (and yes, William really does say this phrase, verbatim). Luckily, with such sincere compliments as "Wow, what a cannon for an arm" (I can barely throw the length of the yard), and happy nods whenever I caught that slippery pigskin, I kind of enjoyed my time "playing football." 
Football skill I excel most at: Touchdown dances
 Getting creative
 Mad skills

What form
 Football players need nourishment.  Turkey leg break.

 After we tired of throwing footballs, we started to throw rotten pumpkins.
 And then rotten watermelons...

 And finally...

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