Sunday, November 6, 2011

Book wormin' (Photo Challenge Day 6)


 Oh books, the love of my life. Today I took a picture of six of my all-time favorite books, HP7 standing in for all Harry Potter books of course. I also realized that all of my favorite books are pretty sad, and none of them take place in America because obviously I hate it here. 

Really though, nothing makes you miss pleasurable reading more than graduate school. I already have a strong Christmas reading list going, but until then, I'm stuck reading textbooks and journal articles for, what feels like, 29 hours a day. 

My reading today was all about anxiety disorders, how appropriate for me right? I spent a few hours in the "Harry Potter" library at UW today, but since it now gets dark at 4 PM (Thanks daylight savings time!) I had to move due to veeerry heavy eyelids.

So now, just patiently waiting for William's Mac and Cheese with Butternut Squash that's toasting in the oven. He also just informed me that while I sat here being pointless, he also did all the dishes! What a winner folks!

Walking home from school tonight, lovin' these Fall sunsets. 

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