Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Funny, colors, and inspiration (Day 7, 8, AND 9)

Okay, the challenges for the past few days have been difficult for me! So we're getting them all over with in one post! First up!


A little intro: I knew when I saw this assignment that my cats would have to be involved. Because honestly, they are hilarious, and not much else in my boring, day to day life is. However, I'm trying hard to refrain from looking like the crazy cat lady that I am on this blog! But I can't hide who I am!

So here is my "Fat Girl." Cue all the great jokes Will and I say (or sing) to her such as:
"Fat Girl in a little coat," 
"Faaaattt Girl, you don't have to put on the red light..."
"Fatty's like a melody in my head..."
Or when calling to both cats, "All my kitty ladies, all my kitty ladies"
Hopefully you can recognize those songs/pop culture references, and can sing them in your head, otherwise, they go from being kind of lame funny, to just not funny at all. And poor Fatty. She's not fat, just fluffy, and try as I might to give her a cute name like her sister Cleopatra ("Cleo"),  Fat Girl she remains. Now my Fat Girl may have some seperation issues:

This is her, hopping in with me while I shower.  Her behavior when I shower is so constant, I knew that my funny pic would be of her doing this, so I actually remembered to take the water-proof camera into the shower with me. Zing! Got you creepy Fat Girl!
And just to get all my other funny cat pictures out of the way in one post...
Here is Fat Girl watching tennis. She is an avid "anything that moves" fan.
Warning! Do not leave your cereal unattended!
We are obviously, very in love. 

Okay, moving on
Subject:Favorite color
Another toughy! Because I'm not truly sure what my favorite color is. It used to be yellow, and then it became purple, but then when I walk around seeing all Fall colors I think welllll maybe it's orange? or red? And you know I just always want to wear black, grey, and white! So you put them all together and you get...
MUPPETS! I love muppets! Isn't this picture cool? Aren't you excited for the new muppet movie and don't you hope it won't be absolutely terrible like all muppet movies have been for the past decade?  Me too! Okay, but to not cheat on this assignment, I did take a picture of my very colorful outfit (you can't really tell, but I'm wearing a blue hat), in front of my very colorful bedding, inside of my very kitchy turquiose mirror. I love colors!


And finally 
Subject: Inspiring person
Now, I really wish I could have done this post about my mom. But if the point is to take a picture, than, she's out, because she lives very far away right now. So--post about my awesome mom some other time. Instead, I had to go with William. Wa-wa-waahh. I know, I feature him on here all the time. I need to get some people variety! I spend time with lots of other people, promise, just not in very picture conducive moments. However, William really does inspire me every day to be a better, smarter, stronger, kinder, more accomplished individual. Isn't love grand? I've mentioned before that William is the bee's knees in every possible way. He's taught me so many things, helped me through a great many challenges, and shows me through example, how to be a little bit of a cooler person.

I really wish I could be more articulate right now about the awesomeness of William, but my brain is fried.  I have spent most of the past six-hours working on a midterm assignment that's worth 45% of my grade. No pressure there folks!
So the picture of inspiration: William hanging up my beloved Christmas lights for me because I realized, after many failed attempts, that I was too weak to get the tacs to stick in the walls. He never lets me take pictures of him, but I appreciate how lovingly he takes care of me every single day. 

Because of him, my studying tonight got to be all softly-lit and cozy. Thanks babe!

And in case you forgot 
He's also really cute. 

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