Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gobble Gobble

I was lucky to get to spend my 3rd Thanksgiving with the Barany family and their friends this year.  I am extremely fortunate that I have a home away from home that I can rely on for such beautiful holidays when I can't afford to make the trek all the way to my Mom's house. Plus, when I say beautiful holiday, I mean a B-E-A-utiful holiday. I like to refer to Carol Barany as the Martha Stewart of the Northwest.  Her amazing decorating, gardening, cooking, crafting, and flower arranging skills always culminate together to create a spectacular event. For two days this week I completely forgot about homework, work, and obviously eating healthy, to fully enjoy this gluttonous event. I also took a bajillion pictures with all my free time! Enjoy!
 Thanksgiving day: Intentional starvation + football = very lazy, unproductive, and awesome Thursday
Besides having Mathaaaa as a mother, did I mention that William's dad, Dr. John S. Barany, is also an amazing wood turning artist? Because yes, he is.

 After much cajoling, William convinced me to "throw around the pigskin" while we walked to his Aunt Audrey's house. Obviously, I'm like, super good at kicking.

To give myself some credit, I would like everyone to know that I didn't just sit idley by as these amazing women cooked two turkeys, 15lbs. (!) of mashed potatoes, 6 pies (from scratch of course, Maaattha wouldn't do it any other way), and various other side dishes all day.  I helped Audrey tie  ALL the roll knots! She also only had to fix about 80% of my knots.
Also, because I have become so talented at lighting candles at my restaurant job, Carol recognized my elite skills and asked me to light all the candles around the house for the evening affair.  As William noted, with 20 people attending dinner, there was a ratio of 8:1 for candles to people. I know I know, I'm amazing, I just don't want to go into professional candle lighting just yet so that I can still compete in the Olympics.
The dessert table...pre-desserts.

 Candid moments
Myself and Will-yum
 Will and his sister Allison, really love that they didn't even coordinate the random poses...
The new art studio, re-purposed as the feast room for the day

 The barbecued turkey! This is an acceptable detour from tradition for Maaatha when there is also a conventional oven turkey to partake of.
 Time to eat!
 The Northwest Martha in the flesh!

Carol's stunning house plants!

Martha's (Carol's? I'm getting confused on which wonder woman is who) beautiful living room!
One of Carol's winter arrangments

The "kids" table. Allison and I represented the female gender, while the boys represented Northwest plaid popularity with no pre-planned coordinating.

Thankful for a delicious feast, great company, and a warm bed for my food-induced coma afterwards! Gobble gobble!

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