Saturday, November 12, 2011

Handsy (Day 12)

Day 12
Subject: Hands

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am an eating machine. So when I think of the hands that I am grateful for, it's obviously the hands that FEED ME! So today worked out perfectly for a trip to the UDistrict farmer's market.  

Before we go there, however, check out this ridiculously amazing salmon that William made last night. I wanted to kill myself afterwards because it tasted so good I didn't see the point of ever trying to eat something as good again. Not an exaggeration.

So yes, the farmer's market. Boy, I do love a farmer's market, and Seattle is just teeming with them.  My farmer's market attendance does drop a lot in the Autumn though because it's rainy, and they sell a lot of things that I don't really know how to cook with.
 Like beets (and decorative pumpkins)! Can someone give me a good beet recipe puh-lease?
 Today I kept it simple and just got some oh-so-delicious-but-not-red-delicious Fugi apples, and some Asian pears for my salads (YUM). I love that farmer's markets remind me that local people are working hard out there everyday bringing me the food that I'm loving to eat! It's pretty easy to find delicious, local produce in Washington, and for that I know we're lucky.  Thanks Washington farmers!

 Guess what I found out today?
 I look absolutely crazy when I eat.
 But at least I keep my mouth closed when I chew.
Oh yeah, it also probably is no surprise that I'm grateful for William's hands, because they hold mine and keep them so toasty! Here's a weird thing: have you ever noticed how sometimes your hand just doesn't mesh very well with certain peoples? Like holding their hand just kind of hurts your fingers or it's just too sweaty? I have this VERY SCIENTIFIC theory that uncomfortable hand-holding is a tell of a mismatched couple. It sure has proven true for me! Luckily, holding William's hand is the best! Fits like a glove, har har!

 Oh yeah, and him and this random dude helped this lady push her broken car from the middle of the busy street to the parking lot. So I bet she was grateful for their hands today as well!

After the FM, Will sauteed some veggies and brats for a delicious rainy day lunch before I had to head into work. I know, I'm not sure how I don't starve when he's not around.


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