Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Love is all ya need

I had to give a presentation today, that I was overly super worried about. After I got done, I was talking to Will and told him I noticed he changed his profile picture this morning to an old picture of us. He replied, "I know, I did that because I knew you would probably see it before your presentation  and know I was thinking of you."
I told you- he's wonderful
La Push beach

p.s. I've been taking my daily pictures-- this week has just been a little crazy. I'm much too lazy to mess with them right now. On the plus side, after abandoning my life for the past four days, I made amends by spending the whole night cleaning my apartment to perfection (bathroom, kitchen, laundry, vacuuming, DONE--you can all give me a gold star the next time you see me).  Simultaneously, I also watched/listened to An Affair to Remember, which really is the loveliest. I used to say I didn't like chick-flicks, but now I realize I just don't like the BAD ones.

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