Friday, November 11, 2011

Nature and Something Old (Day 10 and 11)

Subject: Nature

The University of Washington's campus is always gorgeous, but it is especially so during the Fall with it's plethora of huge, old trees.

Subject: Something old...

The United States of America! I mean, I know relatively America is quite young, but it's definitely got some years on me. I must say that I often horrify William with my very innocent declarations of love for other countries, and sometimes I make some off-hand remarks about how crappy certain things and people are in America, but we can all rest-assured that I'm proud to be an American, and I also have started singing that song out loud to my cats as I type this sentence.  Above all, I am very grateful to the men and women who serve (or have served) this country and make it possible for us all to enjoy everyday freedoms that we so often take for granted.

Happy Veteran's Day everybody.

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