Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oh, what a beautiful morning (Photo Challenge Day 5)

Subject: Morning sky

How nice that I forgot to shut my blinds last night, because as soon as the sun peeked it's head this morning, I grabbed my camera, snapped this shot, and then promptly fell back asleep. Too easy photo challenge, too easy!

Unfortunately, today was probably one of the laziest days I've had in YEARS. I just did nothing. I didn't even do anything fun.  Days like this are the worst! They just make me feel like a useless blob. The best part of my afternoon was probably eating 5 satsumas. I really think that if satsumas are in "season," then Christmas music is just going to be an obvious by-product. Okay?

Luckily I had to work at 4:00, so I decided to pull myself out of my gooey-slump and leave a little early so I could take pictures of my gorgeous walk.  I even went a super long way so that I could photograph my favorite part of my running trail.  Look at all the small beauties I discovered!

 How are dahlias looking this good in November I ask you?

If you live in a house this blue, you must always have orange pumpkins on the stoop

 My favorite part of my runs. I live in a beautiful city folks!

 I love how many layers of faded paper cranes cover this statue. 
Also love this part of my walks to work.  Must remember to take my camera more often to capture it in it's sunset, yacht filled glory. Or in the mornings when it's misty and full of crew teams. 

So yes, thanks to work, today was not a terrible failure. I even came home and cleaned my kitchen whilst grooving hard to Deadmau5 and the new Kelly Clarkson cd (it's awesome, I love her, I'm really past caring if I am a cool person).  I bet my neighbors appreciate my choosing to wait on vacuuming until 11PM. Sorry guys!

She lives to watch over Gotham. 

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Momma said...

I can see why you love Seattle. it suits you darling