Monday, November 14, 2011


Today has been a little rough for me. I know that this week is going to be very rough for me. School is starting to pressurize, my wonderful anxiety problems are thriving. I'm not even going to bother posting pictures right now.  But I would just like to say....

GOOOOO ZAGS!!!! Ohhh Kennel Club, Spokane, all my friends, and anything to do with Gonzaga, how I miss you so.  So glad basketball season is underway. Nothing brings back the comraderie then almost all Gonzaga facebook friends shouting out their Zag love in the past hour. Watching the Zags play the Cougs is obviously not very helpful to my academic goals, but I don't care!
Also I think I may need this puppy in order to solidify my true Bulldog fan status: 

Wahh, died of cuteness overload.

...P.S. I got tired of not having cable to watch my favorite movies of the holiday season so I ordered them on Amazon today.  Nothing helps me relax on the weekend like a few hours of downtime with my favorite flicks. I have literally been asking my mom for Pride and Prejudice since it came out about 5 years ago, and finally I realized I just needed to buy it myself.  Because besides being a big girl that can buy her own $5 DVDs, I also just know that I crave watching this movie like almost every day...and that's when I really know it's worth owning (versus redboxing, netflixing, or um...illegally downloading... which I never do). Also looking forward to the delivery of Home Alone and Love Actually. Let the holiday movie watching begin!

 Does this scene not literally take your breath away?

So lucky to have my own "Mr. Darcy" that made me a delicious dinner tonight and talked me down from my (largely) self-induced scholastic stress. 

Now I just need him to start using "ardently" as a regular vocabulary word and we're set!


Colin said...

Love it!

Momma said...

I don't remember you ever asking me for the movie before. Note to self, Get Cassy "Pride and Prejudice" for future birthday present. She ardently wants it.