Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! This has definitely been one of my most wonderful Christmases ever! Last night the Dunlap boys came over to be part of all our Christmas Eve traditions.  We had the delicious prime rib feast, followed by our Christmas Mad Lib. Don't really know where this tradition came from, or why my Mom loves it so much, but it may be the only time she allows semi-inappropriate words to be said in the house, so we roll with it.  Of course we also just also had  to play "pass the fruitcake," which when mentioned in public sounds less pc than it really is.  Finally we did our yearly bell ringing, played some board games, and then dragged ourselves to the midnight candle lighting concert, which is beautiful, but also really hard to get to when you're so full of meat.  Right before bed we opened our Christmas jammies.  Rachel apparently  convinced my Mom that footie pajamas were the way to go this year.  I was a little skeptical at first, but mine is so comfy it will be hard to ever take it off. I may look like a penguin for the rest of my life! This morning after church, we opened presents and had our Christmas day brunch...probably my favorite meal of the whole year! Sticky buns, sausage souffle, and hot chocolate, ohhhhhh man.

Fruitcake passing, action shot



Now it's time for perhaps the best thing of Christmas, a mid-day nap! Glorious! Hoping all my friends and family have a Christmas equally full of joy, love, and fun!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A day in my winter break

Wake up
Eat several chocolate kisses for breakfast
Sit down and do general computer things (E-mail, facebook)
Get up to eat a few more chocolate kisses
Watch a Christmas movie with Rachel (Chocolate kisses are brought for movie snacks)
Talk about how we should do something today, yes it's agreed upon, we will at some point, go do something
Go upstairs to read, grab a few more kisses on my way
Read my super nerdy Clash of Kings book (I'm 300 pages in and only have 700 to go! Progress?)
Take a nap when said book starts getting too political, or outfit descriptical
Wake up, obviously need to eat more kisses
Discuss running outside with Rachel, it's 4 degrees, plan is shot down
Commence dancing in our living room for 10 minutes as a way to negate 5 out of the 300 chocolate kisses
Tease Rachel for texting 24/7. Ugh. Kids these days.
Get on Pinterest for 1 hour
Talk once again about doing something. A walk? Too cold. Shopping? No money. Plan stalls
Eat chocolate kisses out of boredom
1 hour of youtube videos
Realize it's already 5PM (time flies when you do absolutely nothing), scramble to shower and clean up before Mom gets home from work
Eat kisses
Mom gets home from work, leftovers are agreed upon for dinner, secretly I know all I'll eat is more kisses
Rachel and I lament not ever going out and doing something, promise that tomorrow will be different.
Watch several episodes of Parks and Rec., yes I hooked Rachel!
Eat a few more kisses for a bed time snack
Read unnecessarily late into the night
Fall into a  kisses-induced coma sleep

Pajama dance 4 PM
Don't bother me while I read!
Oh you're taking pictures? Well then bother me all you want!


What is that?

Get off your phone girl!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Cardigan, J.Crew. Shirt, Forever. Earrings, Target. Belt, Thrifted. Jeans, Forever. Socks, Forever. Boots, Steve Madden.

Hat, Forever. Sweater, Urban. Necklace, gift. Jeans, Forever. Socks, Target. Boots, Wet Seal.

 I love the snow! Particularly when I have no driving to do, no places to go, and it actually means its warmer than usual! Rachel and I are obviously loving have two wardrobes to choose our clothes from!

Thanks William!

One of the big tasks I set out to do on my Idaho Falls visit was to teach Rachel how to cook in preparation of her college days. However, between her being on dates and my Mom having work stuff, and Christmas events, I have only cooked one night.  At least now Rachel knows how to peel garlic and cut an onion--success! I may just have to call my work done because starting tomorrow night Christmas feasting will commence, and then it's off to Salt Lake City Monday morning for my cousin's wedding and festivities! I was planning on making us a delicious fritatta last night, but SURPRISE! William got my Mom a gift card to our most favoritist restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. Is he not the sweetest guy alive? Obviously Mother was very impressed. And lets talk about how Texas Roadhouse is the best place in the whole world! You get hot, buttery rolls with honey butter, veggie-filled side-salads, loaded baked potatoes, and then ribs or pulled pork or something else equally delicious, all for under $15 dollars. It's the only thing about Idaho Falls that beats Seattle, THE ONLY THING. So once again, thanks William for being the best bf around. Wish you could have been with us for the feasting!

Stuffed to the gills with Momma and Rach!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Normal People on Ice

Home in Idaho Falls, loving being with Mom and sister. Missing boyfriend and my Fat Girl that he's babysitting for me. We went ice skating underneath the Space Needle before I left.  I'm sure you already can guess, but I'll tell you anyways, WE ARE AWESOME ICE SKATERS.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Rockin' Around...

Christmas break has been so good to me this year! Perhaps the best thing about being back in school is the large amount of relaxing Christmas time.  Last year I had exactly 3 days off for Christmas (not even enough time to go home to visit fam). This year I have more than 3 weeks! Although I have been trying to work as much as possible before I leave for my Momma's on Sunday (!) my life is supremely, wonderfully, UN-BUSY. 

To start out my Seattle Christmas time, my bestest and super-long time friend Chelsea and I completed our annual Christmas gift exchange. We are so much alike we even got each other the exact same snowman card (Inside reads: "You're my favorite person to chill with").  The crazy story about Chels and I is that we met in high school while both living in Idaho Falls, and now, almost 7 years later, we both live in Seattle. However, as opposed to me, Chelsea is a grown-up now with a really awesome, well-deserved job.  She actually wraps presents, owns matching towels, and goes to tupper-wear like parties. The present I gave her was obviously thrown into an old Nordstrom bag, but I think she still loves me, despite my juvenile ways. Chelsea and I don't have very many recent pictures together because mostly we just sit around and talk  after long days of school and work when makeup is melted and outfits are wrinkled.  So here is a picture of one of our first Christmas's together many years ago.

Christmas party with cohort friends also happened this week. Can I just say how much I enjoy having a boyfriend and also being a grad student that has no need for superfluous friendship? Because the whole night I felt free to truly dance like I was all alone in my bedroom. I mean, I have a man and friends that don't get too embarrassed so who cares! I'm going to do the Charleston to Rihanna WHILE wearing reindeer antlers, thank you! It's very scary when you realize you're exactly like your mother.

The rest of the week has been extremely low key, and in that regard, heavenly. Lots of hours spent on the couch reading books, writing Christmas cards, wearing my new fair-isle over-the-knee socks that I'm obsessed with, and eating cozy meals like grilled-cheeses. Tonight after I get off work, Will and I will be gift exchanging and doing Elf like activities like holding hands and making cookie dough or whatever.  9 days til Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry Christmas to you, Spider Man

For all my life I've had a pretty strong fear of spiders. Can't tell you how many times I start spazzing and screaming because something tickles my neck and it COULD BE A SPIDER.  However, I know that spiders have feelings, and they help out the world, so I've always been opposed to killing them, especially when in their natural habitat. However, my new friend Spider Man (although she is probably a lady) has got me changing my tune a little. Every day I watch him hold on for dear life as the wind shakes his web and the rain beats down on his poor tiny body. Webs aren't meant for such hardship, and so almost every morning Spider Man has to construct a new one, which may be absolutely fascinating to watch, but probably a bit tiring for the guy. I'm sure he's not catching much food these days!

Anyways, I saw this little picture and it made me feel so bad for the poor little spiders out there (don't even get me started about the absolute agony I go through walking past all the homeless men on my way to school ever day).  I don't think this means that I will let Spider Man inside (I mean, he's a web spider? What would he eat? Where would he stay? Don't judge me to be cold-hearted!), but I think I may be slowly overcoming my irrational spider of these interesting, absolutely ugly creatures. Merry Christmas Spider Man, wishing you many fat, dumb bugs.

Sunday, December 11, 2011