Saturday, December 24, 2011

A day in my winter break

Wake up
Eat several chocolate kisses for breakfast
Sit down and do general computer things (E-mail, facebook)
Get up to eat a few more chocolate kisses
Watch a Christmas movie with Rachel (Chocolate kisses are brought for movie snacks)
Talk about how we should do something today, yes it's agreed upon, we will at some point, go do something
Go upstairs to read, grab a few more kisses on my way
Read my super nerdy Clash of Kings book (I'm 300 pages in and only have 700 to go! Progress?)
Take a nap when said book starts getting too political, or outfit descriptical
Wake up, obviously need to eat more kisses
Discuss running outside with Rachel, it's 4 degrees, plan is shot down
Commence dancing in our living room for 10 minutes as a way to negate 5 out of the 300 chocolate kisses
Tease Rachel for texting 24/7. Ugh. Kids these days.
Get on Pinterest for 1 hour
Talk once again about doing something. A walk? Too cold. Shopping? No money. Plan stalls
Eat chocolate kisses out of boredom
1 hour of youtube videos
Realize it's already 5PM (time flies when you do absolutely nothing), scramble to shower and clean up before Mom gets home from work
Eat kisses
Mom gets home from work, leftovers are agreed upon for dinner, secretly I know all I'll eat is more kisses
Rachel and I lament not ever going out and doing something, promise that tomorrow will be different.
Watch several episodes of Parks and Rec., yes I hooked Rachel!
Eat a few more kisses for a bed time snack
Read unnecessarily late into the night
Fall into a  kisses-induced coma sleep

Pajama dance 4 PM
Don't bother me while I read!
Oh you're taking pictures? Well then bother me all you want!


What is that?

Get off your phone girl!

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Anonymous said...

That little baby toy is SO WEIRD !