Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry Christmas to you, Spider Man

For all my life I've had a pretty strong fear of spiders. Can't tell you how many times I start spazzing and screaming because something tickles my neck and it COULD BE A SPIDER.  However, I know that spiders have feelings, and they help out the world, so I've always been opposed to killing them, especially when in their natural habitat. However, my new friend Spider Man (although she is probably a lady) has got me changing my tune a little. Every day I watch him hold on for dear life as the wind shakes his web and the rain beats down on his poor tiny body. Webs aren't meant for such hardship, and so almost every morning Spider Man has to construct a new one, which may be absolutely fascinating to watch, but probably a bit tiring for the guy. I'm sure he's not catching much food these days!

Anyways, I saw this little picture and it made me feel so bad for the poor little spiders out there (don't even get me started about the absolute agony I go through walking past all the homeless men on my way to school ever day).  I don't think this means that I will let Spider Man inside (I mean, he's a web spider? What would he eat? Where would he stay? Don't judge me to be cold-hearted!), but I think I may be slowly overcoming my irrational spider of these interesting, absolutely ugly creatures. Merry Christmas Spider Man, wishing you many fat, dumb bugs.

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Sydney said...

I HATE SPIDERS!!!!!! But you may have changed my hate to strongly dislike. Well said.