Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! This has definitely been one of my most wonderful Christmases ever! Last night the Dunlap boys came over to be part of all our Christmas Eve traditions.  We had the delicious prime rib feast, followed by our Christmas Mad Lib. Don't really know where this tradition came from, or why my Mom loves it so much, but it may be the only time she allows semi-inappropriate words to be said in the house, so we roll with it.  Of course we also just also had  to play "pass the fruitcake," which when mentioned in public sounds less pc than it really is.  Finally we did our yearly bell ringing, played some board games, and then dragged ourselves to the midnight candle lighting concert, which is beautiful, but also really hard to get to when you're so full of meat.  Right before bed we opened our Christmas jammies.  Rachel apparently  convinced my Mom that footie pajamas were the way to go this year.  I was a little skeptical at first, but mine is so comfy it will be hard to ever take it off. I may look like a penguin for the rest of my life! This morning after church, we opened presents and had our Christmas day brunch...probably my favorite meal of the whole year! Sticky buns, sausage souffle, and hot chocolate, ohhhhhh man.

Fruitcake passing, action shot



Now it's time for perhaps the best thing of Christmas, a mid-day nap! Glorious! Hoping all my friends and family have a Christmas equally full of joy, love, and fun!

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