Friday, December 16, 2011

Rockin' Around...

Christmas break has been so good to me this year! Perhaps the best thing about being back in school is the large amount of relaxing Christmas time.  Last year I had exactly 3 days off for Christmas (not even enough time to go home to visit fam). This year I have more than 3 weeks! Although I have been trying to work as much as possible before I leave for my Momma's on Sunday (!) my life is supremely, wonderfully, UN-BUSY. 

To start out my Seattle Christmas time, my bestest and super-long time friend Chelsea and I completed our annual Christmas gift exchange. We are so much alike we even got each other the exact same snowman card (Inside reads: "You're my favorite person to chill with").  The crazy story about Chels and I is that we met in high school while both living in Idaho Falls, and now, almost 7 years later, we both live in Seattle. However, as opposed to me, Chelsea is a grown-up now with a really awesome, well-deserved job.  She actually wraps presents, owns matching towels, and goes to tupper-wear like parties. The present I gave her was obviously thrown into an old Nordstrom bag, but I think she still loves me, despite my juvenile ways. Chelsea and I don't have very many recent pictures together because mostly we just sit around and talk  after long days of school and work when makeup is melted and outfits are wrinkled.  So here is a picture of one of our first Christmas's together many years ago.

Christmas party with cohort friends also happened this week. Can I just say how much I enjoy having a boyfriend and also being a grad student that has no need for superfluous friendship? Because the whole night I felt free to truly dance like I was all alone in my bedroom. I mean, I have a man and friends that don't get too embarrassed so who cares! I'm going to do the Charleston to Rihanna WHILE wearing reindeer antlers, thank you! It's very scary when you realize you're exactly like your mother.

The rest of the week has been extremely low key, and in that regard, heavenly. Lots of hours spent on the couch reading books, writing Christmas cards, wearing my new fair-isle over-the-knee socks that I'm obsessed with, and eating cozy meals like grilled-cheeses. Tonight after I get off work, Will and I will be gift exchanging and doing Elf like activities like holding hands and making cookie dough or whatever.  9 days til Christmas!

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