Friday, December 23, 2011

Thanks William!

One of the big tasks I set out to do on my Idaho Falls visit was to teach Rachel how to cook in preparation of her college days. However, between her being on dates and my Mom having work stuff, and Christmas events, I have only cooked one night.  At least now Rachel knows how to peel garlic and cut an onion--success! I may just have to call my work done because starting tomorrow night Christmas feasting will commence, and then it's off to Salt Lake City Monday morning for my cousin's wedding and festivities! I was planning on making us a delicious fritatta last night, but SURPRISE! William got my Mom a gift card to our most favoritist restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. Is he not the sweetest guy alive? Obviously Mother was very impressed. And lets talk about how Texas Roadhouse is the best place in the whole world! You get hot, buttery rolls with honey butter, veggie-filled side-salads, loaded baked potatoes, and then ribs or pulled pork or something else equally delicious, all for under $15 dollars. It's the only thing about Idaho Falls that beats Seattle, THE ONLY THING. So once again, thanks William for being the best bf around. Wish you could have been with us for the feasting!

Stuffed to the gills with Momma and Rach!

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