Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sail away

Aw graduate school, you really get in the way of my blogging plans.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm being a little silly doing this blog, what with my a) lack of fans (besides you Mom!) and b) my lack of time.  Particularly this week I had a lot of pictures and things to blog about but absolutely no time to do so.  However, I'm currently reading this book, "In the Garden of Beasts" about an American ambassador and his family living in Germany right before the beginning of WWII.  I'm not usually a big non-fiction fan, but this book is ridiculously interesting. Mostly because it largely relies on excerpts from everyone's diaries to tell the story, and EVERYONE, male and female, young and old, all kept diaries. I don't think people really keep diaries anymore (besides you Mom!), and if I learned anything from reading this book (You know beside the background politics leading up to WWII, and a more detailed history of Berlin, and that Goebbels, despite being evil was a pretty charming dude, and that EVERYONE used to be terribly bigoted...) it would be that things in your life may seem insignificant, but they could turn out to be a big BIG deal that millions of people are going to be interested in later. Or more realistically for me, maybe one day I will have children who will like to look at this blog and make fun of my terrible outfits. Who knows. 
So anyways, the blog is staying, and to diverge away from my snooze-ville history lesson, let's talk about my super exciting life. Let's see, last week I had ONE day of school, thanks to Snowmaggedon 2012. Then in one night of rain the snow was gone, and life has returned to the crazy and rainy usual. On Monday however, the sun came out and William's mother and aunt came up to Seattle for a doctor's appointment. While Will and I waited for them, we strolled around the Lake Union Marina and made lots of immature jokes about dingys and big boats. See? What would I do without this blog to remember these important moments?

I really struggle with posing for pictures...obviously

Here's one for the future posterity to really make fun of:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow day!

Snow day in Seattle! Usually the city shuts down for less than an inch, and today we are probably already up to three so it's straight chaos on the streets! Walking, however, is a complete joy.  Will and I spent all morning walking along the Burke-Gilman trail and playing at Gas Works park.  Now it's hot chocolate and movie time.  Probably the best Wednesday of my life!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Awesome and awkward

One of my all time favorite blogs is The Daybook.  The blogger, Sydney, is hilarious, gorgeous, and insanely fashionable.  Although I will probably never know or meet her, my sister and I talk about her like she’s an old friend. When she had her first baby a few months ago I got so excited and I don’t even know the lady! This all may sound very creepy, but she truly has inspired my fashion choices this past year, and may have even been the reason why I decided to start blogging again. Anyways, my whole point of this anecdote is that every week Sydney does an “Awesome and awkward” post about, obviously, the awesome and awkward moments of her week. It’s always funny and sweet, and she also has encouraged others to make the same list. So guess what I’m doing today! Copying a complete stranger on her great idea.  Because my week are filled with moments that are occasionally awesome, and always awkward.

-       Chatting between classes about not feeling so hot my friend Janelle comments, “Maybe it’s all that cheese and bread you had last night, I noticed you ate a ton.” What? That doesn’t sound like me.
-       Small group discussions in class…with strangers…when I also may not have completed all the reading. Maybe if I just keep talking and talking I’ll eventually say something that makes sense and people will stop staring at me with their mouths hanging open…
-       Hot yoga. Everything about it. Being crammed mat to mat with 50 people in a tiny sweat box that may kind of smell like urine. Pinnacle of awkwardness achieved when we all face sideways and do forward folds, meaning that my next-door neighbors extremely sweaty butt is now in my face.  I bet you can guess where my butt is.
-       Constantly leaving 10-minutes late for school meaning that I end up jogging for a mile along a super busy Seattle street, all the while pulling down my dresses, or chasing after hats, or tottering along in heels. Then I arrive to class, late, visibly sweaty and audibly out of breath. Obviously I should either work on leaving 10-minutes earlier, or should just wear workout clothes (read: pajamas) all the time…which isn’t the worst idea. 

-       -William has his interview with UW pharmacy school next week! He's obviously going to be amaaazzing!
Will in his UW medical shirt. He's basically a doctor. 
-       Having to “brief a case” for my special ed law class.  It was super easy and I enjoyed saying things like “I can’t hang out right now, I have to brief a case.”
-       My cat loving to steal my earrings, hair ties, and make-up tubes.  It may be slightly irritating, but also I like to pretend that she does so because she wants to be just like her mom…Now as I share this with others I realize I’m kind of crazy.

She wants to catch every snowflake. It's so adorbs. 
-       -Running a 5k race with my friends Janelle and Kathryn. So cold and muddy, but also weirdly fun. I guess maybe because I like my friends.
Possibly the worst picture of me ever...
-        First snowfall for Seattle beginning right after showering from said race.  Spent all day cozy with books, watching it swirl down. Will and I also ordered pizza. Best. day. ever.

-       -We also registered for the Rock N’ Roll Half-Marathon in June!  This could end up being the worst idea of all time, but for the moment I’m so excited about it! Get ready for lots of "I'm tired of running" complaints!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Laters 2011

Long ago, as a young high school freshman, my friend Ceejee invited me and several other lovely girls to a sleep over for New Years Eve.  The night was filled with chips and dip, board games, and if I recall correctly, playing Oregon Trail, on the a group. Yup, we were really cool girls.  Towards the end of the night after a strenuous round of Scategories, someone suggested making a list of the best things that happened in the past year, as well as a list of the worst.  I think our “best things” list mostly said things like “So and so held my hand,” “Went to dance with so and so,” and “Learned how to do the hand jive!”  Our worst things lists were only slightly less trivial, but they were full of teenage angst, so we fittingly tore those up into tiny pieces and I believe either threw them into the wind, or burned them? Or maybe we just put them through Ceejee’s parents’ paper-shredder.  Whatever it we did, we all found it to be deeply cathartic-- symbolically destroying the memories of…? I can’t even really remember what things I may have found terrible about that year besides what can definitely go down as my worst haircut of all time.

Anywho, here I am, almost 10 years later, and I still do the same ritual, though mostly by myself and without any littering.   I like to remember what an amazing year has gone by, all the new adventures and milestones that I hit, along with all the tough times that I pulled through that are now behind me.  I'll keep my worst moments to myself, but I can't help but share...

 Cassy's highlights of 2011

-Getting accepted into all my graduate schools and choosing the University of Washington.
-Going on a cruise to Mexico with Momma, Rach, and Rob. One of the most relaxing and fun-filled vacations I’ve ever had.

-Getting my baby Fat Girl. She makes me smile every day

-Discovering Parks and Recreation…maybe my most favorite t.v. show, EVER?

-Leaving a terrible job and getting a new one that I love love love.

-Spending the summer exploring Washington with Will: Staying with Lyn’s family on the San Juans, camping on the Olympic Peninsula, spending a week relaxing with the Barany’s on Lake Coeur D’Alene, and hiking all over Mt. Rainier.

Hiking in Summerland on Mt. Rainier. I was sweaty, hence the very greasy hair.

-Surfing in Tofino with Will. Maybe the highlight of all highlights.

-Starting my graduate school program that I love! Love the new experiences I've already had and the great new friends I’ve made.
Some of my cohort girlfriends...Deer in the headlights...get it?
-Having an entire whole week with the Barany’s for Thanksgiving. I had almost forgotten how awesome school holiday schedules are.

-Getting to go home for Christmas and spend an amazing two weeks with family. Couldn't ask for a more wonderful way to end the year.
Little Women (Rach, Mad, Mom, Pais, and me!)
-Having a year filled with new friends, new places, new adventures, as well as old friends, familiar hangouts, and regular, daily happiness.  If 2012 is half as good as 2011, then I’m in for a good year.

Rach and I- Traveling Toms (This picture does not really relate to this post, I just like it)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Years everybody! I’m only what, 10 days late in the sentiment? However, I have a great excuse.  Not only have I been busy during my first week back at school, but I also came home from my winter break to find my internet no longer working.  Not having the web almost killed me, and made simple tasks like getting directions, finding out movie times, and settling random trivia fact fights with William extremely difficult.  However, my productivity has been off the charts without the internet constantly providing me useless distractions from real life. My apartment is cleaner, my homework was not procrastinated, and I read two 1,000 page books in a week. Almost enough to convince me to never have internet again…
Yet here I am, internet slave once more.

But it’s new year resolution time, and so obviously this year I resolve to cut down my daily internet time to at most, an hour a day. That may still seem like a lot to some of you, but as a graduate student that is on the computer almost all day, and as a recent Pinterest member, an hour is chump change.

What are my other resolutions you ask? I know, you probably didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyways!

-Run at least four times a week. Try to run at least 20 miles a week, and run a 10k race in 45 minutes or less before the year is over.
-Say no to pizza, onion rings, and ice cream, my personal evil trifecta.
-Bring my camera EVERYWHERE.
-Get a 4.0 every quarter.
-Carve out more time for friendships during the week.  
-Write more letters, make more phone calls, and return people’s text messages (I know a lot of people in my life who will appreciate that one).
-Be a big saver! Eat out only on special occasions, and (the tough one) resist clothing shopping.
-Wear every item in my closet once.
-Clean the kitchen every night before I go to bed.
-Seize service opportunities.  Donate blood every 8 weeks. Get certified to volunteer at the Experimental Education Unit.
-Less computer time wasting, more daily news reading
-Become strong and flexible enough to do this (I just started a hot yoga package so I'm feeling inspired):

-Try a new recipe once a week
-Continue adventuring whenever possible! Enjoy the outdoors every single day!
-Put others before myself, have a good attitude, smile, relax, and don’t sweat the small stuff!

New Year's day walk at Green Lake