Monday, January 16, 2012

Awesome and awkward

One of my all time favorite blogs is The Daybook.  The blogger, Sydney, is hilarious, gorgeous, and insanely fashionable.  Although I will probably never know or meet her, my sister and I talk about her like she’s an old friend. When she had her first baby a few months ago I got so excited and I don’t even know the lady! This all may sound very creepy, but she truly has inspired my fashion choices this past year, and may have even been the reason why I decided to start blogging again. Anyways, my whole point of this anecdote is that every week Sydney does an “Awesome and awkward” post about, obviously, the awesome and awkward moments of her week. It’s always funny and sweet, and she also has encouraged others to make the same list. So guess what I’m doing today! Copying a complete stranger on her great idea.  Because my week are filled with moments that are occasionally awesome, and always awkward.

-       Chatting between classes about not feeling so hot my friend Janelle comments, “Maybe it’s all that cheese and bread you had last night, I noticed you ate a ton.” What? That doesn’t sound like me.
-       Small group discussions in class…with strangers…when I also may not have completed all the reading. Maybe if I just keep talking and talking I’ll eventually say something that makes sense and people will stop staring at me with their mouths hanging open…
-       Hot yoga. Everything about it. Being crammed mat to mat with 50 people in a tiny sweat box that may kind of smell like urine. Pinnacle of awkwardness achieved when we all face sideways and do forward folds, meaning that my next-door neighbors extremely sweaty butt is now in my face.  I bet you can guess where my butt is.
-       Constantly leaving 10-minutes late for school meaning that I end up jogging for a mile along a super busy Seattle street, all the while pulling down my dresses, or chasing after hats, or tottering along in heels. Then I arrive to class, late, visibly sweaty and audibly out of breath. Obviously I should either work on leaving 10-minutes earlier, or should just wear workout clothes (read: pajamas) all the time…which isn’t the worst idea. 

-       -William has his interview with UW pharmacy school next week! He's obviously going to be amaaazzing!
Will in his UW medical shirt. He's basically a doctor. 
-       Having to “brief a case” for my special ed law class.  It was super easy and I enjoyed saying things like “I can’t hang out right now, I have to brief a case.”
-       My cat loving to steal my earrings, hair ties, and make-up tubes.  It may be slightly irritating, but also I like to pretend that she does so because she wants to be just like her mom…Now as I share this with others I realize I’m kind of crazy.

She wants to catch every snowflake. It's so adorbs. 
-       -Running a 5k race with my friends Janelle and Kathryn. So cold and muddy, but also weirdly fun. I guess maybe because I like my friends.
Possibly the worst picture of me ever...
-        First snowfall for Seattle beginning right after showering from said race.  Spent all day cozy with books, watching it swirl down. Will and I also ordered pizza. Best. day. ever.

-       -We also registered for the Rock N’ Roll Half-Marathon in June!  This could end up being the worst idea of all time, but for the moment I’m so excited about it! Get ready for lots of "I'm tired of running" complaints!

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Kendra said...

Congrats on your 5k! That IS awesome. I don't think I could muster up the courage to do one.