Friday, January 13, 2012

Laters 2011

Long ago, as a young high school freshman, my friend Ceejee invited me and several other lovely girls to a sleep over for New Years Eve.  The night was filled with chips and dip, board games, and if I recall correctly, playing Oregon Trail, on the a group. Yup, we were really cool girls.  Towards the end of the night after a strenuous round of Scategories, someone suggested making a list of the best things that happened in the past year, as well as a list of the worst.  I think our “best things” list mostly said things like “So and so held my hand,” “Went to dance with so and so,” and “Learned how to do the hand jive!”  Our worst things lists were only slightly less trivial, but they were full of teenage angst, so we fittingly tore those up into tiny pieces and I believe either threw them into the wind, or burned them? Or maybe we just put them through Ceejee’s parents’ paper-shredder.  Whatever it we did, we all found it to be deeply cathartic-- symbolically destroying the memories of…? I can’t even really remember what things I may have found terrible about that year besides what can definitely go down as my worst haircut of all time.

Anywho, here I am, almost 10 years later, and I still do the same ritual, though mostly by myself and without any littering.   I like to remember what an amazing year has gone by, all the new adventures and milestones that I hit, along with all the tough times that I pulled through that are now behind me.  I'll keep my worst moments to myself, but I can't help but share...

 Cassy's highlights of 2011

-Getting accepted into all my graduate schools and choosing the University of Washington.
-Going on a cruise to Mexico with Momma, Rach, and Rob. One of the most relaxing and fun-filled vacations I’ve ever had.

-Getting my baby Fat Girl. She makes me smile every day

-Discovering Parks and Recreation…maybe my most favorite t.v. show, EVER?

-Leaving a terrible job and getting a new one that I love love love.

-Spending the summer exploring Washington with Will: Staying with Lyn’s family on the San Juans, camping on the Olympic Peninsula, spending a week relaxing with the Barany’s on Lake Coeur D’Alene, and hiking all over Mt. Rainier.

Hiking in Summerland on Mt. Rainier. I was sweaty, hence the very greasy hair.

-Surfing in Tofino with Will. Maybe the highlight of all highlights.

-Starting my graduate school program that I love! Love the new experiences I've already had and the great new friends I’ve made.
Some of my cohort girlfriends...Deer in the headlights...get it?
-Having an entire whole week with the Barany’s for Thanksgiving. I had almost forgotten how awesome school holiday schedules are.

-Getting to go home for Christmas and spend an amazing two weeks with family. Couldn't ask for a more wonderful way to end the year.
Little Women (Rach, Mad, Mom, Pais, and me!)
-Having a year filled with new friends, new places, new adventures, as well as old friends, familiar hangouts, and regular, daily happiness.  If 2012 is half as good as 2011, then I’m in for a good year.

Rach and I- Traveling Toms (This picture does not really relate to this post, I just like it)

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Anonymous said...

Once again,you made me laugh and remember wonderful times together! I love you so much darlin'! Hey, could you could send me the photo of us all the temple? Little Women revisited! Thanks, Momma