Monday, February 6, 2012

Beach day

Hi Hi Hi
It's been a b-e-a-u-tiful weekend here in Seattle, with every day being about 60 degrees and sunny.  Sounds like a perfect time to go outdoors and maybe eat lunch outside next to Lake Union, yes? Well, everyone in Seattle agrees, which is why instead of enjoying the sunshine ourselves, both Will and I have been working all weekend. Luckily, for both of our sanity, we got to squeeze in a few hours of beach time at Discovery Park.  Last time we were there we saw Ken Jennings and I was too shy to ask to take a photo with him so I was kind of hoping he would be there again, but, as William so wisely explained to me "He probably doesn't live at Discovery Park."
It's the "bat rocks into the ocean" game!

Look at that form!

Anyone want to guess what sport I play?
Fish rock!
This little boy was very into imitating William's rock throwing
Anywho, the rest of the weekend is devoted to hw. Midterms are here and I’m finally getting to the point I've feared, the point I was at often in my undergraduate life but have so far pretty successfully avoided as a graduate student.  It’s called “Cassy is always annoyed at everyone and everything because she is stressed and resentful that other people are not...point.” I know. I'm the worst.

So keeping my life in perspective.  Here are all the absolute great things that are happening that I must not forget about!

-William got into the UW Pharmacy school program. WOOOOO.  My incredibly smart, talented and handsome man has done it again.’s official, we’re both going to be living in Seattle for the next 3 years at least….it’s very nice to have that solidified!
-I started teaching a social skills group to a gaggle of 5thgrade boys at my assigned elementary school.  I got them all UW folders and pens and when I handed them out one of the boys was like, “Aw yeah, these are filthy!” (and for all you old folks out there, that’s a good thing).  
-I’m LOVING training for my half-marathon.  I’m already feeling so much more fit and capable then I ever thought possible for myself.  It’s been a great excuse to be outdoors, unhomeworking. Also, I saw a bald eagle on my run this morning! So far everyone I've told has been SUPER uninterested. 
-I did my taxes!!! Tax returns, wahoo! Every year I'm like "Oh yeah! I'm going to take this hunk of cash and go to Brazil! Or buy a new camera! Or...use it to pay off loans and maybe set a little aside in savinszzzzzzzzzzzz........."
-Did I mention that it has been 60 degrees all weekend? And that I wore my new Target dress without a coat or tights and survived? Be jealous Idaho Falls readers!
-And....that's about it.  Except of course that I'm getting to go to school for a job that I love. And that I have lots of great friends, most of which I never get to see anymore, but some that I actually go to school with and therefore get to commiserate about life with daily.  I "love" being stressed out about an assignment all night, just sitting alone, my little computer and I, only to see from my gchat window that every other person from my cohort is also online, suggesting we are all alone and stressed...together. Finally I have Will, who gets up off the couch to get the ice cream out of the freezer so I don't have to, and carries out my broken heavy tv that has been sitting in my hallway for over two months, and makes me amazing, healthy dinners of salmon and quinoa and vegetables when we all know I would be resorting to rice-a-roni and frozen pizza meals every night without him.  Plus I also have my cat, and my family, and ice cream, and pinterest.


Momma said...

Kerry told me he is a fan of your blog and thinks you are a remarkable young lady. I agree! (DO you think I will get any credit for being the mom of the remarkable said lady?)

Sydney said...

I love that you are training for a half-marathon. Nick and I have talked about doing another one, but I'm not quite sure... Which one are you doing? Also, you always look so cute in every picture you post. Good job you!

Cassandra Worthington said...

Mom- I think you do get credit for that! And I think Kerry has great taste, ha!

Syd! I'm doing the rock n'roll Seattle on June 26th! I remember when you did yours with Nick! You should definitely do one again. I'm always so impressed when I see moms sprinting past me with their baby joggers. That could be you! Are you staying in Eugene for the summer?

Sydney said...

Nope, we will be in Yakima. Any chance I will see you there?