Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One of those weekends...

It was a great, simple weekend, full of long runs in the rain, many cozy hours on the couch watching Downton Abbey (BEST SHOW EVER--Mom, log into my Netflix account now!),  chatting on the phone with my sister, watching the Oscars with friends, and listening to new great music while doing homework (to quote my sister, "The Civil Wars- WOW").  Other highlights included: cleaning out my fridge (!), a downtown sushi lunch date with William, a new Yankee candle AND a new laundry hamper, and some great Value Village finds.

My favorite nook, made even better by my new art :)

A perfect combination of sushi and people watching in downtown Seattle

It was sunny, but absolutely freezing, so of course we dressed for the sun rather than the temperature.  Our planned leisurely stroll through Pike's Place turned into a mad sprint to the car.  I took all these pictures while running.

It has become some what of a weekly tradition for Will and I to go thrift shopping, and I must say I've gotten pretty good at it. My great finds this week included this adorable LBD, that not only fans out when I twirl around, but also has pockets. 
I think it's safe to say this was the most I've ever felt like Audrey Hepburn at Value Village
Here are a few tips  I've learned on the art of thrift shopping

-The first place I always hunt is the men's section.  They usually have great leather belts, "oversized" pure wool sweaters (see below), flannel shirts, vintage t-shirts, and cool print crew sweatshirts.  Just make sure to try everything on and search for stains or holes!
-The women's section can be hit or miss.  Really, almost all the cool stuff gets placed in the men's section. The best "hit" sections are shoes, dresses, and skirts.  For some reason there about a million plaid and tweed mini-skirts in thrift stores (see below).  I've started collecting. 
-There is a lot more to thrift stores than clothes! Most of my kitchen gadgets, art on my walls, tableclothes, and books on my shelf are from Value Village.  Check out the fabric section, and refrain from buying a new tea kettle from Target--there are a billion of cute ones in the thrift world. 
-The book shelves at thrift stores are also full of the most current pop. lit.  Seriously, there are usually about 5 copies of Twilight,  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Help, and The Da Vinci Code at any given time. If you're into trend reading, thrift stores are definitely your place.
-Keep the thrift store cycle going! Donate cool stuff you have that are never used! Many people can't afford to buy anything outside of thrift stores, so remember you're really doing a charitable deed by giving away your old set of dishes or winter coat from high school.


Gina said...

I am sure you have discovered some great thrift stores but I am still going to tell you my favorite ones in Seattle. The main one being Value Village in Lake Forest Park. Seriously they constantly have JCrew, Joes Jeans, etc. and its NEVER crowded. It has a great womens' section and shoe section (if you are daring like that). Also Deseret Industries on Aurora. It's great for dresses, skirts, blouses, etc. Anyways that's my two bits. Oh and I got your Downton Abbey comment...I LOVE downton abbey. I'm about half way through season two.

So now my question to you is where are the good thrift stores in Spokane? I've been to VV and Goodwill downtown but haven't found much else.

Sydney said...

Downton Abbey is on my netflix and I can't wait! I've never seen it, but I've heard its amazing. Also, I usually shun thrift stores, but you (and Gina) are slowly making it seem possible for me. Thanks for the great tips!

Cassandra Worthington said...

Gina!! That's my value village I go to as well! I used to try other ones, but Lake Forest is definitely the best! The DI tip is also a good one! I love going to the DI in Idaho Falls. As far as Spokane goes, the two places you mentioned are all I know as well :(. I honestly didn't start thrift shopping much until my last year at Gonzaga when my thrifting skills weren't as great.

Syd-Definitely try thrifting! It should be pretty big in Eugene. Maybe try somewhere more upscale to start- Like Buffalo Exchange? Value Villages in nice neighborhoods are always a good bet too. And don't give up if your first few trips aren't fruitful...you get better at searching!

In conclusion: Yay Downton Abbey!

Anonymous said...

We need to get my JackieO black dress and your Audrey Hepburn ala Sabrina black dress together and have a vintage photo shoot! So I'm going to take full credit for giving you Thrifting Genes but must now tutor you to the proper thrifting lingo:
Value Village- Viv's
Deseret Industries- DI's
Salvation Army- Sal's
Disabled American Veterans- Dave's
St. Vincent de Paul- Vinnie's
Goodwill- simply- Will's
So now of course when someone asked you where you got that darling dress, you reply, Oh at ____'s I believe.
Here's how up on things I am- I thought for sure you had spelled Downtown wrong.
Wilma Flintstone ala Mom