Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Oh Oscar Wilde, how I adore you, and oh how this quote applies to my life today! It's been week of finals, work, impending illness, and some other really crappy situations, so needless to say I haven't been feeling top notch. But guess what? I turned in my last final this morning! Plus, I also went on my longest run yet (7.5 miles!) with my stalwart running buddy, Kathryn.  We were both stressed, tired, and fighting off colds, but we still woke up early and slogged it out in the pouring rain. I do think we were rewarded by some major feel-good endorphins. I'm starting to realize that if you're willing to run over six miles, the city of Seattle is your oyster.  Today, by running all the way around Lake Union, Kathryn and I managed to traverse through Eastlake, Queen Anne, Fremont, and Wallingford.  We passed the Space Needle, adorable houseboat communities, several marinas, the Fremont Troll, and Gasworks.  Have I mentioned before that I love living here?

So now today is all about freedom to do whatever I want guilt free, which has mainly been snuggling up with my book. I'm currently reading "The Art of Fielding" by Chad Harbach. It's fantastic, it may even convince me to like baseball (yeah, no, probably not). Will is taking me out for my birthday tonight, and tomorrow will be all about some major spring cleaning and life catch-up.  I tend to put everything on hold during the last few weeks of a quarter, including doing my laundry and returning text messages (sorry friends!).

I'm not gonna lie, it feels super great to be on spring break finally.  Next week is full of many momentous events for me including: my birthday, lots of March Madness!!!!, The Hunger Games premiere, a VERY long road trip to Idaho Falls to see family, and most importantly, Texas Roadhouse!  So really, with all these great things, how can I not be happy?

Final happiness note: I scored these beauties for $5 the other day. They are almost a half a size too small, but I love them too much to care.

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Momma said...

Super cute shoes! But you will abhor them if you wear them longer than three hours. Shorter if you're actually walking anywhere. Like to your car to sit. Trust me on this.

Mom (I wear 7 and a halfs)