Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break Pt. 1: Road Trippin'

Well as you can see, I've given up on the new spiffy looking blog. Whatever. I will now invest my time in searching for someone who has the computer prowess to do it for meeeeee. If that person is you, give me a call! I will make you cookies! Seriously!
As promised it's time to catch up on blog posts before school and work consume me once more.  Spring break was quite fantastic, if maybe just a little too action packed. It's quite exhausting to get home from vacation and feel like you really need a vacation. You see, Will and I went on a ginormous road trip to be present at my Mom's wedding to the wonderful Mr. Rob.  I'll cover all the basic questions that I keep on getting asked.

Q: Oh man, Seattle to Idaho Falls, how long is that?
A: 13 hours. 13 very long hours.
Q: Man, that's like driving to San Francisco. Well, at least you got to drive through a lot of cool scenery right?
A: Nope. After you get past Snoqualmie Pass the whole drive pretty much looks like this.

The only thing that broke up the monotonous scenery were gigantic windmill farms. And cows...lots of cows. I literally got so inspired that I sang "Home On the Range"...twice.

However, contrary to what you would assume, the drive was pretty fun. I had my handsome man at the wheel, a perfect excuse to eat McDonalds, and an ipod full of stocked up This American Life episodes.  I'm quite in love with Ira Glass and the way he makes road trips oh so glorious and thought-provoking.  I'm hoping I might be able to hire him out to visit some irrational people in my life and give them an articulate, stern and convincing talking to.  We'll see how that goes.

Luckily, Will and I also got to break up our driving a bit by visiting various family members.  We spent a lovely evening with my grandma in Boise, where she stuffed us to the gills with roast, baked potatoes, and lots of homemade cookies.  As you can see it was a very Americana vacation.

On the morning of my actual birthday, we made the final leg of our journey to IF, and were rewarded for our troubles with a delicious feast at Texas Roadhouse.  If I'm talking about hiring out famous people to do jobs for me, I might as well mention that I would absolutely love for John Keats to write  an Ode to Texas Roadhouse. It really is that amazing. And if you haven't guessed, this trip revolved A LOT around delicious meals. As I explained to my running buddy about the experience, in a matter of 5 days I gained 10 lbs. and erased 50% of my training progress. Between telling myself "It's your birthday! You can eat whatever you want!" and "You're on vacation you can eat whatever you want!" I did a lot of damage. Ah well. 

Other highlights of my birthday included:
-First and foremost, getting to laugh and enjoy time with my family. I absolutely hate living so far away from them, and love that I got to see them on the most important day of the year!
-Seeing the Hunger Games complete with Raisinets, Sour Patch Kids, and Diet Coke (my 3 key food groups). Someone high up in Hollywood also obviously knows what the most important day of the year is. 
-70 degree weather! Idaho Falls may still look as dead as that mean girl who got stung by all those tracker jackers (yeah...I went there), but at least it was warm and sunny as opposed to my green, but oh so rainy Seattle.
-Presents! My new Sperrys from Will were definitely my favorite gift this year, although he also got me MORE framed art that I also love and will post pictures of soon.  SPOILER ALERT: There are whales in it.

All in all it was a truly amazing birthday, and once again thank you to all my friends and family who sent me such nice and heart-warming wishes.  It's a good kind of awkward when you start getting misty-eyed while sitting in the living room as you look at your facebook page.

 I still have much more trip events to blog about, including the wedding and a nice quick stay in Yakima, so stay tuned!

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