Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break pt. 2: The Wedding

Just a quick post about the purpose of our huge road trip: My mom got married! To Rob! Again! Yes, it's quite the long and confusing story, not quite unlike the story of history's most infamous long-time lovers...Cory and Topanga. So if you would like the gory details you can phone up my mother, but to keep his blog post short and sweet I'm mostly just going to post pictures. To summarize: It was a joyous event full of family, friends, and lots of cupcakes.  I feel that my Mom and Rob are absolutely MFEO (that's "made for each other" for all you non-Sleepless In Seattle fans out there), and I couldn't be happier for them. In fact, I couldn't be happier for me!  Rob has many great qualities, but absolute pure kindness is his number one trait. I feel pretty lucky to have such a lovely fatherly figure in my life. 

They make a pretty handsome couple, no? I love this picture, not only for how cute they look, but also for how creepy it is that you can see me standing between them in the mirror. And speaking of handsome couples...

 My lover face

It's hard to believe, but this picture was UNPLANNED. Those Dunlap kids are quite hilarious. 
The joined fam, minus Ryli, Maddy, and Paisley. 

Extended family pic!
My lovely cousin Nicole and her dashing new hubby Devon--so fun to get to hang out with them.

My sunshine

 I just love this face on Rachel. It reminds me of her grumpy face when she was a baby.

Peace, love, and grumpy Rachel-face

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Momma said...

I feel absolutely famous! Wow, what press coverage! Thanks for your sustaining vote for Rob, he is quite the gem. And you girls are my jewels! Thanks again for making such a supreme effort to join us, so appreciated!
p.s. thanks for the blue pumps, love 'em!