Sunday, April 22, 2012


The lovely Mrs. Sydney Jordan tagged me to participate in this blog question thingy about 2 weeks ago, and I have finally complied to her request. This is mostly thanks to my cat waking me up at 6AM this morning by knocking over one of my potted plants. Thanks Fat Girl for getting my day off to a productive, early start!

Eleven questions...

1. Why did you start blogging?
I started this blog right after I graduated from college.  I was feeling quite confused with what to do with myself with the sudden void left by the absence of school rigors. I enjoy writing and taking pictures, plus I've also always enjoyed reading other people's blogs, so it felt like a natural progression for me.  Plus, it also served as a great way to keep people informed of my graduate school plans, which obviously no one actually really cared about. 

2. Favorite store?
Target.  I went through a phase last year where I literally, not kidding, was addicted to Target.  I went there every single day, and was always coming up with excuses of weird things I needed to buy in order to get back there ("Um..I really don't think I can live another day without a full rainbow of Sharpies. Am I right?"). I mean seriously, I went to Target every single day for probably about two months before I realized I needed to go through a 12-step program. Thankfully I'm back to a once a week schedule.  Other top store contenders are: Nordstroms, Trader Joes, and a good Nike outlet. 

3. What cheers you up on a crappy day?
Getting to spend time with William. Allowing myself to abandon all/most responsibilities (AKA procrastinate homework and laundry). Sunshine. Exercise. A good book. Retail therapy. Baking chocolate-chip cookies.  If all else fails, I curl up in the comfiest clothes I have and watch Parks and Rec or Friends--I know I'll be guaranteed to laugh. 

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Oh man, in 5 years I'll be 28. Not to freak out the bf, but I definitely plan to be married... ;)  Besides that, most is up for grabs.  I should be completely done with school by then, even if I go the Ph.D. route, and so I'll be employed? More financially stable? Still taking care of my cat babies! I guess that's my one thing I can count on! 

5. Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate. Chocolate with carmel. Dark chocolate. Chocolate with nuts. Chocolate with peanut butter. Chocolate in ice cream form. Chocolate in milk form. Cadburry Eggs. 

6. Spring must have?
Ha mine are very similar to Sydney's.  A chambray shirt (I've been searching massively for one under $60...hmm), maxi skirt/dress, some bright pants or shorts--or both if we're being ideal, some new TOMS for work, and a new dresser (My closet is a disaster from having too many clothes! Oh the irony!).

7. All-time favorite movie?
The Lord of the Rings trilogy. SO. GREAT.

8. Who/What inspires you?

My junior/senior year of college I had four of the most amazing professors of my entire life.  All of them were funny, kind, inexcusably humble, and incredibly smart woman with beautiful families, lives, and careers.  Each one took time to listen to my worries, give me excellent counsel, write me letters of recommendations, and most importantly, inspire me through their examples.  I still think of these women every day, about how strongly they shaped my life course, and how I hope that someday I can be as helpful and inspirational to some other confused soul. 

I also get incredibly inspired by William.  He's always like building bookshelfs, and planting a garden, and going for 10 mile runs and baking bread.  He's also just so positive and kind, he really does make me feel like anything is possible, the world is our oyster.  This is why he's my ultimate cheer-up drug. He's like a real-life Chris Treager-- except not crazy. He's happy, and he knows just how to make me feel better, encouraged, and empowered. 

9. Random fact about yourself?
I spent a summer traveling and studying in Zambia. It was awesome. It was every life changing cliche you can name, and I think about my time spent there every day.  Every morning while we got ready for the day, my bunkmates and I would listen to this playlist of Lion King music mixed in with "Africa" by Toto .  I know this anecdote makes us sound like terrible American tourists, but really we just listened to those songs to remind ourselves like "Hey! We are IN AFRICA. We are in the jungle folks! Forget the freezing cold showers, and the really scary bugs, and the terrible food, and the deadly snakes, and the heat exhaustion...TIA--THIS IS AFRICA. It's going to be hard today, but you better appreciate being here!" (sidenote: TIA is a common phrase said in many African countries. It's usually said when things are chaotic, crazy or unfortunate. EX:  "Oh, your bunkhouse got attacked by fire ants in the middle of the night causing you to awake in alarm to find your body covered in firey biting insects? Sorry! TIA!" And yes...that did happen).
Cleaning our underwear via tub of water and wooden spoons- TIA!
This picture doesn't really have much to do with anything, I just still think this might be the cutest baby I've ever seen. Also, I curse myself often for not buying like bundles of the fabric available there. What awesome prints, right?

10. Dream travel spot?
I can't decide? I have extreme wanderlust!

11. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Maybe just my proclivity to stress and worry.  I have so gotten better at relaxing since graduating from college, but I still have a long ways to go.  Sometimes I get very worried about how stressed I'm going to be when I have children because it will be very difficult to keep things super organized and clean.  See, in one sentence, lot of unnecessary worrying, lots of unnecessary stressing.  I think I'll be keep on keeping on with my yoga and deep-breathing exercises. 

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