Sunday, April 22, 2012

A quick update on lfe

Things in this neck of the woods have been crazy! This quarter of school is pretty fast-paced, and I am literally starting to count the days until summer.
To make things a little more insane, I started training to be a server at my job! This girl is moving up in the world! However, in order to get my training shifts in, along with fulfilling my normal hosting duties, I am now working about 30 hours a week on top of school. Is it weird though that I feel more excited about becoming a server than I do about becoming a school psychologist? Uh oh.
Besides school and work, there is really barely time for anything else.  William just got a plot at the UW community garden a few weeks ago, so I have signed on to be his gardening apprentice in exchange for fresh produce.  I'm going to try and keep up with progress pictures, because it really is so lovely and exciting!!

Half-marathon training is going okay.  I do my long runs just fine (I'm up to 10 miles!) but then during the week I majorly slack so it's like my long miles are increasing but my weekly mileage is getting smaller. Oops. We'll see how that works out for me. Apparently I'm going to do my long run today, then write a paper, and then hurry off to work. Did I mention it's 80 degrees outside? Heavy sigh.

I see my friends mostly through working and going to school with them, but I did tell William that I penciled him in for a hot date on Tuesday night after I get off school.  If my luck holds out it will still be sunny and we for once can be the customers that get to sit on a deck enjoying the sun and gazing at water.

The good news is that all this homework means lots of quality time with the fat one. She is very good at curling up with me as I type papers and read journal articles, though she does try to sit on the keyboard sometimes.  Her favorite thing to do is roost weirdly on the heating grate, hang her paws outside the window, and make these weird chirping noises at crows, big trucks, really anything she thinks she might like to eat.
 I also often stumble upon her chillin' like this. It's kind of creepy when he eyes are open, but also crazy adorable.


Anonymous said...

look at how straight those garden rows are! ...

momma said...

Truly impressed with your gardening efforts! I remember living in Washington where everything you stuck in the ground grew! Since moving to Idaho, I've had nothing but flopgardens. Hope your harvest is abundant darling!