Saturday, May 12, 2012


I've been feeling a little blue and grumpy these past few weeks.  I've had a minimum of 8 hours of school and work everyday, with the cracks being filled up with homework and maybe general housekeeping/hygiene (key word being MAYBE). I am in uber-productivity mode, but man I could really use just one blessed day off to catch my breath.  In fact I feel guilty writing this post, but I'm so frustrated as I sit here, staring at the 80 degree weather outside my window.  I'm trying to get massive amounts of homework done every morning, before I head off to work where I get to ask every person I sit about their day and feel insanely jealous as I hear of all the picnics and walks and boat rides and beach days that all the rest of Seattle seems to be enjoying.  I really shouldn't be working so much. It's not good for my grades, and definitely not good for my mental sanity, but it's hard to say no to money I need and want. I think the number one thing I'm missing right now is cooking delicious dinners with William. We haven't had a joint night off together in quite sometime.  I miss having fun with him, and my body misses nutritious meals. It's getting a solid stock of frozen and packaged goods these days.

Four more weeks until summer. Four more weeks until I will be reading books for fun in the sun, having barbecues with friends,  taking walks along beaches, boardwalks and lakes, cooking dinners with fresh veggies from the garden, the list is endless (in fact, I think I'm going to have to make one the next time I'm bored in a class). Four more weeks...I can do it. Hopefully I can get through those four weeks without alienating everyone around me. Grump-mode Cassy is in full-effect (and in my head it's a little more PG13 label for myself, but you get the idea). 

On a bright-note, my Momma is going to be in town on Tuesday for one-night and one night only. I asked for the night off of work and she's going to get the whole university gal tour. I'm pretty excited...I think I'm going to have to show her Trader Joes. It's going to get wild.
A little happiness in my new succulent collection courtesy of Master Gardner William


Sydney said...

I completely agree. I have been feeling the same way. I told Nick I want a vacation BY MYSELF where nobody can find me. You can do it though! Only four more weeks. I look forward to seeing pics from your fun adventures this summer and of course Traders Joe's with your mom! :)

Momma said...

Well Sweetie, Hard Rock Cafe was a far cry from Trader Joes and the whole tour thing we envisioned but still it was primo to be with you and to just talk and walk the streets of your city was fun for me. Life has gotten even harder for you since you wrote this but you are loved. Never give up on life, even when it gets incredibly difficult! Rediscover your Savior because he will save you.