Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Although my summer has been largely carefree, I do work full time at a restaurant with an enormous outdoor patio on Lake Union.  Many hot summer days and late nights (including the 4th of July) have been spent waiting on other people who have spent the whole day boating, hiking, lounging, etc...while I sweat profusely and get blisters on my feet. 
However, with a super fun crew (that includes Will, and many close friends) plus an outdoor tiki lounge, I've gotten my fair share of patio enjoyment after shifts.  Plus when you're working outdoors with a view this beautiful, who can complain?
 4th of July hostees, all in unplanned blue
 Crammed deck, crammed lake, all waiting for fireworks

 Pretty Kathryn

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Momma said...

I'm so happy for you Cass! By all appearances, you lead a charmed life; a wonderful boyfriend, cute friends, living in a beautiful part of the world, a lucrative job, a stimulating education. Always be grateful for your blessings, never take for granted what you have been given and you will exponentially be blessed with more. It's a Universal Law.
Love you, MOM