Monday, July 2, 2012

Loose Ends

Because I took such a long hiatus from my blog, I ended up skipping all the smaller highlights that happened in the past weeks. Most importantly...I finished my first year of graduate school! Yes! Fireworks! Cue celebration montage. It's actually been almost a whole month since I've been done for the summer, but being without binding shackles ahem, responsibility has still not lost it's charm.

 The following is a picture of my cohort on our last day, mostly caught unawares. And yes, in case you were wondering, we're wearing matching t-shirts. They may have a unicorn on them.

Also cool and worthy of an artsy montage is William's garden. It's such a beaut! He has the smallest plot in the whole community, but has already churned out more amazing produce than anyone else.  We're already snacking on snow peas and eating enough salads to turn into rabbits.  His lettuce crop is constantly complimented by his garden neighbors, and guess who else loves it? Slugs! Although William seems thrilled to have their support, I am less excited about their presence as I have to painstakingly go over every leaf in the lettuce I collect to make sure it's slug free.  Since I could never stick a slug in the garbage can (it could crawl out and turn my apartment into a slug tunnel!) I usually end up dropping them out of the window (I live on the 2nd story of my building). I'm pretty sure this makes me an absolute terrible person. Don't care.

 nom nom nom
Will also bought us tickets to go see Aziz Ansari's standup show a few days ago.  The show was so hilarious, and since it turned out to be a beautiful summer night in Seattle (which have been few and far between this year) we also spent the evening strolling around Capitol Hill, eating hipster burritos and people watching--or more specifically, making fun of bad tattoo placements. Such a fun and differentish date night.  Let's all say it together..."Will's the best!"

The rest of my summer has consisted mainly of lazy days with books (preferably outside though the weather has not been cooperative) followed by busier nights working at the 'strant. Sometimes followed by impromptu bbq's at our friend's house.  So far I've been the only girl present so I take charge to make sure we've got salad and whole-wheat buns. I mention this mainly as an excuse to post this picture of my colorful salad.
 Why yes, I DID candy those walnuts myself!
The grill master

 Hoping everyone's summer is as relaxing and maybe filled with a little more sun...

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