Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ferry Boats

It's got to be no argument that ferry boats are the BEST way to travel.  What other source of transportation gives you enormous comfy benches that are large enough to take great naps on, while also providing killer views, and vending machines?  Definitely not airplanes!  Someday I'm going to write a great children's book about a kid who stows away on a ferry boat and has awesome adventures...which as I type that I realize that although awesome, ferry boats may be a little short on adventure, but full of relaxing moments with books and cookies. 


P.S. Being engaged is even better than ferry boats! If ferry boating is my favorite travel mode, being engaged is so far my favorite relationship status (I'm guessing married might win them all)! My ring is currently being resized (apparently William thinks I have very fat fingers), and I miss it like crazy! Luckily I get it back tomorrow so I that I can get back to bumping into people because I'm too busy staring at it. 

More San Juan Islands postings to come! 

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