Thursday, August 23, 2012


Going to the San Juan islands is usually one of the highlights of my year, and this time was no exception.  To mix it up a little bit, Will and I visited Orcas Island, and decided to use a groupon we purchased for kayak rentals. I'm not going to lie, although I only joked about it, I was really hoping that we would spot some whales on our kayak adventure.  However, when we arrived at the rental shop, they had a giant map of the islands posted on the wall, with stickers marking the location of all the recent whale sightings this summer.  Although there were about a hundred sightings marked, I could tell that our kayak journey was going to take us no where near the regular pathway for whales. Heavy sigh. 
In the end though, the trip turned out to be well worth it. We saw herons, a bald eagle, and a cute little otter.  The best moment however, was when we came upon some seals sunning themselves on the rocks.  As we got closer they all slipped into the water and started popping up sporadically around our kayak.  It felt like they were playing a game with us.  As soon as you spotted one next to you, it would  pop back down into the water and reemerge behind you.  They were so cute and curious...and almost a little creepy with their beady eyes and stealth water tricks. 
After that encounter we stopped at a little beach for a picnic.  Will took a nap, and I took about 300 pictures (only 14 of which I'm sharing, so really count yourself lucky).  Now I'm going to be one of those people that says, if you go to the San Juans you MUST rent kayaks, it's just way too peaceful and beautiful to miss out on. 

Keep paddling Will, I'll just take some pics!

 See Will in the corner napping?


Shondra from Dwellable said...

I love the San Juan Islands and managed to capture some great shots while kayaking. Very impressive!

I'd love to feature this post on our Northwest-based site. Email me for details!

shondra (at) dwellable (dot) com


Momma said...

Cool Photogs! Yes, after seeing the Secret of Roan Inish, I agree seals emit an eerie aura. And now you're about to hit the big time with your blog on a Northwest-based site! The water nymph fairies are smiling honey!