Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mt. Rainier

Mount Rainier holds a lot of memories for me, dating all the way back to picnics and mini-hikes with my family when I was still young.  In the past few years it's become one of my absolute favorite places to hike and camp.  It's just so beautiful! Will and I both had a day off work this week, so we went up for some low-key outdoor adventure. We ate good food, snuggled around a campfire, and had a very memorable moment when we went to a clearing to star-gaze...

 Just some fresh-halibut Will had caught a few days earlier...NOM NOM NOM
 Some creek-side dining!

And now I'm engaged...and Mt. Rainier has become all the more special to me!

 Here are some ring-pic outtakes for your pleasure...
 Doing the single lady dance...NO MORE
 "How about this? Does this look good?"

 But seriously...we're stoked :) 


Momma said...

Let me be the first to give you both a giant wahoo slash group hug on Blogspot since I don't do FB! Rob and I just couldn't be happier! This is the best and biggest news we've had since our own engagement! We welcome you into the fam with open arms Will! Oh and every night lying in bed I think, note to self, get William a birthday card. So far just a nighttime wish but I hope you have a happy birthday too!
Love you both,
Mom, Mom-in-law?

Rob said...

C and W ....You give a whole new meaning to song (perhaps before your time?), "Mountain of Love" ! Congratulations - - very exciting news. Rob

Sydney said...

What a beautiful engagement! Congrats! I'm so happy for you guys!

Halfords said...

Congrats, Cass!! Love you girl and I'm so happy for you!