Saturday, September 8, 2012

Blue Moon

I've been wanting to make this post for over a week now, but the camera with the pictures was no where to be found. Until it was...under the couch cushions...oops.
Fall has semi-arrived to Seattle and I love it. I'm already having to control myself against buying every soft cozy sweater I see.  Will and I are gearing up for school to start, and also trying to get some wedding plans solidified before homework takes over our lives. I'm pretty worried about my back-to-school brain in general. In the past two days I lost my wallet AND my sunglasses, in two different locations (but found them again thanks to honest good folk), PLUS--ready for the most embarrassing story?---I tried on a dress that I could NOT GET OFF. Literally. I sat trying and stressing and almost crying in a dressing room for 20 minutes before I finally sheepishly had to walk out and ask the sales girl to help me. So mortifying. And the moral of that story is NEVER GO SHOPPING ALONE!!!!

Overall, things are pretty great and simple around here. Last Friday we both had some of the evening off due to the new cool weather, so we took a walk around the neighborhood, stopping to pick blackberries, and then snapped a few shots of the blue moon on our way to Trader Joes.  Obviously the freeway overpass is always the best place to take pictures.  

We also got to take a mini-trip to Yakima to discuss wedding plans. The event is officially going to take place in William's backyard, which makes me the luckiest girl ever because his backyard looks like this:

August 3rd, 2013 cannot come soon enough!

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Momma said...

Oh my hat, the back yard is gorgeous!! You are a lucky girl! And finding a boy like Will happens only once in a Blue Moon! I know it's not psychologically healthy but it sure is fun to live vicariously through your children.