Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Some captured moments to be thankful for in a very stressful week.  Will not only saved me from starvation and insanity this week (Ex: Last night, I had to make dinner for myself...so I ate a chocolate bar...), but he also took the large majority of these pictures. Of all the things to be grateful for...he is definitely the number one on the list. 
Look at what an awesome wifey I'm going to be!
Will's dad (Dr. John) is still represented in the Health Sciences Building
How can you not love this face?
Or this one?
Late night candy run
                                                                   Misty mornings

Accidental twinning
 From the garden to the pot: Will makes sauce

 Cohort barbecue

 Evening walks


 Homemade pizza
 (Oven roasted tomaters, peppers, and mushrooms--followed by cheese---simply delicious)
 My favorite snack right now---I call them "carrot fries"

Other highlights that didn't get photographed: Long runs in fall weather with Kathryn, a lovely letter and cd combo from Karen, finding our perfect wedding photographer (!), the return of Christmas-smelling Yankee candles, and a few extra cozy minutes in the morning wrapped in my blanket now that  it's finally not 90 degrees in my apartment. I told Will the other day, "I love Fall so much my heart just doesn't even know how to handle it." 

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