Wednesday, November 7, 2012


When Will and I first got engaged, we discussed what aspects of our wedding were most important to us, and luckily we easily agreed that an excellent wedding photographer was a top priority. However, when I actually started hunting for a photographer,  I was shocked to see how do I say this delicately?...cheese there was out there. I started panicking as I contacted the few photographers I found I liked, only to discover that they were all booked for my date (and I thought I was being on the ball!!). To cut a long story short---when I finally stumbled upon Ryan Flynn, I knew that we didn't need to look further.  We didn't meet up with the suggested two to three potential photographers as suggested, or even ask the appropriate questions (though I found out later that Ryan would have had the right answers if we had bothered).  We looked at Ryan's photos and loved them, and then met with Ryan and loved him, and both Will and I knew it was a done deal. Now after a month of painful patience, our engagement photos have finally arrived.  As expected, Ryan did not disappoint. I'm not going to lie, I struggled with outfit choices for these photos, and in the end I don't think I really made the best choice for my casual outfit (I love outfits! Why was this so hard for me?).  However, I do think the colors all worked well for beautiful Bellingham in the fall. Most importantly, it was a romantic (albeit slightly awkward) day with Will, and I know we will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives.  If you ever come to my house in the next 30 year, I'm definitely going to force you to look at all of them, you've been warned!
I currently have 70 pictures in my favorite folder...but until I find the energy to download them all for facebook is a sneak peak of a few favorites. Obviously, all thanks to Ryan Flynn Photography !

 Our spot

P.S. Also thank you to my momma for being the financial backer of these (as well as future wedding photos).  Love you Mom, thanks for supporting my romantic dreams! :)


Sydney said...

J'adore! Good choice on the outfits, location, and of course the gorg peeps. You guys look like models - go YOU!!! I seriously can see why you can't decide from 70 of your favorites. You could pull a me and display all 70 of them on every inch of your walls.

Momma said...

They re stunning and they have captured your love so poignantly! I love them! You two are a remarkable couple and now you'll probably be in the Ryan Flynn ads as the seriously beautiful couple everyone wished they could be! But more importantly, when days and seasons come along that are trying, it will be a constant reminder of the moments you shared at this point in time and keep you going. I can't wait to see them all!