About Me

9 things you oughta know about me...
1. My last name is Worthington--hence the blog title.  Kind of confusing without that knowledge. I also don't have a middle name, but friends are usually great at making one up.
2. I go to graduate school at the University of Washington, but my heart lies with my alma matter Gonzaga. Sometimes I just sit and watch old youtube videos of their promotional commercials and get a little teary eyed. Yup.  I'm already starting to save so that I can send my kids there someday.
3. Speaking of saving---I am crazy poor! The majority of this blog is devoted to explaining how I support my fashion and food habit on an extremely limited budget.
4. I have a lot of extremely lovely people in my life. Because I spend so much time with them, my boyfriend William and my kitties take a staring role in many of my blog posts.
5. I want to be eating all the time. Literally---ALL THE TIME.  I used to be embarrassed about this, but I've come to accept that I'm just always going to be eating faster, and more often than everyone around me (including my boyfriend).  To keep myself from obesity, I try to run as far and as often as possible. Also, vegetables--I love them.
6. I make lists about things all day long. "Clothes I want for spring," "Drawers I need to organize," "A micromanagement of tasks to complete, minute by minute between the hours of 10AM and 11AM," etc. Obviously they are just fascinating.  Although I prefer documenting them on receipts, sticky notes, and random e-mails to myself, I find I do my best list writing in my head on my runs.
7. I am up for adventures.  I am dying to see more of the world, and I'm not afraid of roughing it to do so. Showering and air conditioning are very unimportant to me.
8. I love to learn and I LOVE to read. I want to read every book in the world. Twice. 
9.  My life is simple, but I'm 98% satisfied with it. I have to borrow a computer, I walk everywhere because I don't have a car, and most people guess my phone is from 1999, but I honestly think everyone would be a little happier if life were a little bit like the good ol' days (read: 1995).

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